Digital Marketing News: The Headline Hub, Aug. 26

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Each week, the Digital Surgeons team compiles the week’s news for designers, developers, online marketers, social media experts and overall tech-lovers. For the geek-on-the-go, catch up on all the important headlines from the week with just one click!

Steve Jobs Steps Down as CEO of Apple

  Despite the tremendous amounts of tech news that came out this week, we have to pay due homage to one of the biggest stories this summer: Steve Jobs. For those of you already locked in your hurricane shelters, Steve Jobs announced his resignation as CEO of Apple, leaving COO Tim Cook in charge. While Jobs will remain as Chairman and continue involvement with the company, it certainly feels like the end of the era (especially with the obit-style reports that have come out since). But with big releases like the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 on the horizon, something tells us Apple will be just fine.

Newsworthy Tidbits:

  News about HP discontinuing webOS devices resulted in a dramatic price drop of TouchPad devices and frantic scramble to purchase one with the price-cut. With prices of $99 (for the 16GB) and $150 (for the 32GB), technology stores quickly sold out of the devices and were left with endless inquiries from customers still looking.

  To counter complaints about the lack of apps of Blackberry devices, it seems that the new QNX-based phones will run Android apps. Unfortunately, developers will have to repackage the apps for Blackberry App World, but it will certainly be a much easier process than the current one.

  Facebook is rolling out a major overhaul of their privacy and sharing settings, along with numerous other minor changes including new photo filters for the mobile apps.

  Twitter joined Facebook and Blackberry in the UK for social media talks which resulted in confirmation that social media would not be banned.

  Skype purchased group messaging service, GroupMe.

  Also, there was an earthquake. Maybe you heard?

Be On the Lookout:

  Blackberry will be launching a paid music app, which will allow users to put 50 songs on a cloud service for $4.99/month. However, there is an added social component as users will also have access to any music their friends put up as well.

  Shortly after the announcement that Twitter is allowing photo sharing, they expanded on the feature with a photo galleries tab on each user’s profile.

  Samsung announces Android Gingerbread line.

  The revamped MySpace will have a foundation in music with the addition of iTunes, Spotify and Vevo integration.

  Three new Blackberry Curves (9350, 9360, 9370 – depending on the carrier) will be available in September.