Digital Marketing News: It’s Time for Timeline

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This Week’s Top Story:

  Facebook will be migrating all pages over to the new Timeline layout by March 30, though early adoption has been prominent among brands. TechCrunch reported that in the first 10 days, 8 million brands switched over to the new layout, which converts to about 20 percent or so of the Facebook pages with 10 or more likes.

  We’ve already seen some very innovative campaigns and content on the timelines of certain brands. Red Bull, for example, created a date-based scavenger hunt sending users across their timeline looking for clues that led to different dates and ending with a cryptic URL and password hidden in the last clue. Many agencies and companies with a rich history, like AdAge and the New York Times, have filled in their timeline with photos and milestones of the company’s lifespan and related historical events. Or, in the case of Captain Morgan, they have simply made up a diary of Captain John Morgan for entertainment.

Newsworthy Tidbits:

  Google Maps will start charging for the use of their API for those pulling more than 25,000 page loads a day, on a tiered system per 1,000 loads. While this is clearly a means of monetizing, Google faces competition from OpenStreetMap which is free to download and use. OpenStreetMap has been gaining popularity and has replaced Google Maps in the iPad version of iPhoto.

  Yahoo sued Facebook for 10 patents, most of which are fairly vague and related to numerous features including privacy controls, the news feed, user sharing and messaging.

Be on the Lookout:

  PayPal will be announcing a competitor to mobile payment app Square.

  YouTube investing in premium “channels” for original content.

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