Desuade Partigen:  Pioneering Particle Effects Suite for the Flash Developer

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Innovative software creator Desuade has just released its premier particle effects suite, Desaude Partigen, with the commencement of their website on July 26th of this year. For the Flash programmer who needs to know how to do particles in Flash, this particle emitter software offers a new way to create dynamically rendered particles in flash. Digital Surgeons is pleased to be an integral part of the launch of this particle software effects suite for Desuade, a key development partner of the agency.
Desuade Partigen is the first particle effects software especially for Adobe Flash. This powerful Flash particle emitter suite lets the designer create interactive flash particles, such as fire, sparks, waterfalls, and bubbles without creating a new program for each effect. Particle software effects are completely dynamic and rendered in real-time with the particle emitter suite, something never before possible with pre-made video particle software effects.
The Desuade Partigen particle software suite came into creation when Founder, Andrew Fitzgerald, was at a loss for a quick and easy way to create interactive particles in Flash. Andrew decided to find an easier more versatile way to make flash particles himself. As his particle illusion effects software began to generate exciting effects, Andrew came to see that his new particle emitter application could be widely used by the Flash design community. Eighteen months and many a late night later Desuade Partigen is now ready to deliver brilliant flash particles to enhance the ActionScript developer’s tool kit.
The Desuade Partigen integrated particle effects suite can be used in two ingenious ways. First and easiest of all, this particle software extension contains a particle emitter tool for creating a multitude of Flash particles from the Partigen library. According to Andrew Fitzgerald, the goal of the library was to “create a mini eco-system of high quality particle effects” with elements that enhance each other during the Flash particle effects design process.
An even more versatile option is using the Desuade Partigen particle software together with ActionScript 2.0. This Particle emitter suite is developed specifically for Flash ActionScript 2.0 and creates unparalleled power and flexibility for real-time particle effects in dynamic applications.
The Desuade Partigen integrated Flash particle software can be used by designers with basic Flash knowledge who need to know how to do particles in Flash. The perks of this innovative particle emiter extension include savings of both time and money. Desuade Partigen was conceived to anticipate the Flash developer’s creative desires and needs. The savings of both coding and search time with this particle software, along with the ease of use and numerous design options available, frees the ActionScript developer to do what he does best: bring ideas and dreams to their full creative potential.
Andrew Fitzgerald, CEO of Desuade Partigen, is full of the passion to bring ideas to life and a sincere desire to give back to the design community a tool that will make a practical difference in their lives.
The greatest impact of Desuade’s particle effects software on the Flash design community, according to Andrew Fitzgerald, will be the ability of the real-time, dynamic particle emitter engine to bring heightened interactivity to the end-user with Flash game particles. The dynamic versatility of the Partigen engine opens up a world of creative Flash game particles for the interactive end-user, most notably in the realm of role play game (RPG) environment development. When a game character runs and slips in a storm, the rain splashes and changes direction with the movement. Smoke from a campfire shifts with the direction of the wind blowing in the area. The possibilities for increasing realistic particle effects with user interactivity appear infinite.
A quick and easy check out process allows the designer to download particle effects programs directly from Desuade for immediate use. The particle emitter suite comes with a detailed tutorial, full documentation, and a wide range of creative possibilities for making exceptional particles in flash. Desuade Partigen is generating an intriguing buzz already in the Flash design world. This pioneering software firm will be worth watching for new particle effects applications and other novel software conceptions for years to come.

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