Denny’s Free Grand Slam Misses Out During the Superbowl

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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I must say i was pretty disappointed to see the superbowl ads this year. I feel as though brands left tons of value on the table. The whole reason for advertising during the Superbowl is to get impressions. My angst is in the amount of impressions the brands failed to capture by not placing enough emphasis on other platforms . Especially Denny’s.

  Granted, everyone in my office talked about the Free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s and they all might go this Tuesday but what else…Is that where the promotion dies? Will the chicken become the Dennys icon?

  Perhaps they could have turned the chicken into their Facebook ambassador and said become a fan to get your coupon for a free grand slam , hook up twitter to a real chicken so he/she can tweet/cluck and you gain followers, brought in some Foursquare or Gowalla action. Anything would have made a difference. (OVER DRAMATIZATION but it could happen)

  I’m interested to see how their fan base and engagement grows in comparison to the spike of free grand slam breakfast they will hand out.

  Maybe they should have computer stations and ask people to become a fan when they enter the restaurant and wait for a seat. smile

  //rant over.

  Denny’s Facebook Fan Base Today – 25,547 – Become a fan

  Denny’s Allnighter Fan Base Today – 64,940

  IHOP FB Fan Base Today – 67,674