Custom Facebook Applications: A New Universe of Creative Online Marketing from Digital Surgeons

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The social network Facebook has taken the online world by storm with an ever-evolving community of 54 million dedicated members, a number expected to double every six months. With over half of all users returning daily to the community, and a rapidly growing community of over 25 year old consumers, Facebook is a perfect online vehicle for social network marketing strategies.

  A creative way to harvest the bounty of potential customers on Facebook is by developing unique applications that members can download for free to enhance their networking experience. Digital Surgeons builds Custom Facebook Applications that deliver outstanding results for our clients. A diverse collection of Facebook Applications are possible including stock investment games, computer pet simulations, and career networking tools.

  The Digital Surgeons team will work with your business to conceptualize a market savvy application with the potential to create a real and lasting buzz for your business. Along with our custom Facebook applications, Digital Surgeons provides other innovative approaches to social network marketing. Our experienced copy writing staff will develop a program of focused Blogging or kick off dynamic online dialogues with your target audience. To find out more, give us a call at (203) 672-6201 or fill out our website contact form and we will be in touch promptly.