Connecticut State Business Expo in Hartford

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Digital Surgeons LLC, located in New Haven CT, was pleased to be an exhibitor in the Connecticut Business Expo on Thursday June 7th 2007. The Expo offered a vast array of businesses and organizations, with tremendous networking opportunity. The buzz and excitement of everyone could be felt by all of the attendees and 500+ exhibitors. Education and growth seemed to be the two key focus points of the event. With focused seminar groups incorporated throughout the day, delivering cutting edge insights into opportunities for business growth, and successful sales strategies.

  The 2007 Connecticut Business Expo proved a positive success for Digital Surgeons. We were extremely proud to launch our never seen before flash demo reel, and showcased our high end, industry leading Flash and Interactive Media Production from our award winning design team. The demo reel consisted of not only Flash and Interactive, but displayed our cutting edge Website Design and Development, Pay Per Click Bid Management, along with a visual representation of the benefits a company could obtain through Ethical Search Engine Optimization.

  Digital Surgeons posed this question: Does your website work for you? So many businesses assumed that just because they have a website, prospective customers automatically visit. Through this visual representation we were able to educate and enlighten the business owners with this common mindset.

  This Demo is due to be released to the masses on a grand scale sometime in Late July-Early August.

  If you would like to find out how we can help you, check us out on the web We will be more than happy to prepare a complimentary website analysis for you.