Choosing an SEO Provider: 10 Fundamental Elements

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There comes a time when it’s a good idea to step back, take a deep breath, and take a long hard look at common sense business practices. Online marketing partners should be chosen with the same practical business principles used to choose more traditional business partners, with the added elements of technical expertise and internet marketing experience.

  With the current economy what it is and the need to make sure every marketing dollar counts, it becomes even more important to shop value rather than the low bid. Choosing the lowest bidder can often be a very expensive decision. On the flip side, the highest price tag does not guarantee outstanding results. Following I have outlined 10 basic elements to evaluate when deciding on a search engine optimization and marketing service. Be practical, do your research, and remember that value for your marketing dollar and return on investment should always be the main focus of your search!

  10 Things to Look for When Choosing your SEO

  1. A commitment to Ethical SEO and business practices (no black hat or tricky practices).

  2. An excellent client reference base, testimonials, and case studies.

  3. A record of solid, lasting results and outstanding service.

  4. Custom search engine marketing solutions for each unique client.

  5. An attitude of partnership with the client for the long term. (Invested in your success)

  6. Cutting edge industry tools, knowledge, and talent. Always up-to-date and learning more about the industry.

  7. An experienced team of professionals: programmers, web designers, copy writers, SEO specialists, branding experts.

  8. Outstanding client communications and education.

  9. A commitment to excellence in all products and services.

  10. A company base of solid, good sense business and marketing principles.

  When you know what you are looking for in a search engine optimization company, it does not take long to uncover who the quality is and who to pass by. Integrity can be sensed in a portfolio, pride in product, thoughtful responses, and your own gut feeling for what a particular marketing company is all about.

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