Balancing Privacy And Personalization: The Challenge Of Marketing For Micro-Moments

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Today, we use our devices to satisfy our every need. Our friends text us asking us whether we want to try out a new restaurant (communication, on demand) and we look it up on our phones to read its menu (decision-making, on demand). Google Maps shows us that the restaurant isn’t far (directions, on demand), but being responsible people who aren’t going to have a couple draft beers with our meal and drive, we order an Uber to get there (transportation, on demand). At the restaurant, we don’t know the difference between Chimichurri and a Chimichanga, so we discreetly Google both under the table (saving face, on demand).

Google calls these intent-rich moments “micro-moments.” In July, they commissioned Forrester Research to measure the efficacy of marketers to deliver brand value on demand in these critical instances. The report, titled “Moments that Matter: Intent-Rich Moments Are Critical to Winning Today’s Consumer Journey,” paints the picture of a marketing industry in flux. Marketers are aware of the need for “instant gratification,” but according to Forrester, merely 2 percent of organizations have the necessary capabilities to identify, deliver on and measure micro-moments.

To provide instant gratification, you need to know your consumers better than they know themselves. Psychology, analytics, personas, customer journey mapping — leverage any tool you can, because these moments can happen at any time, and you also have to be able to predict when and what they will be looking for.

But there is another wrinkle here: the balance between privacy and convenience. How does the 21st-century marketer deliver experiences on demand without leaving the consumer feeling like an Orwellian big brother is watching?