Announcing Gaga’s Workshop…

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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This Week’s Top Story:

  After months of hard work and late nights, we are extremely excited to present the microsite for Barneys Gaga’s Workshop, a holiday promotion between Lady Gaga and Barneys that we are honored to have some part in. Gaga’s Workshop has taken over a floor of Barneys Madison Avenue location with a whimsical wonderland of Gaga-inspired merchandise. We hope that you will check out the site and send some love our way if you like it.

  Happy holidays all!

Newsworthy Tidbits:

  We all just got a little closer to Kevin Bacon. A new report indicates that due to social networking services, the degrees of separation between all people in the world has dropped since 2008 to 4.74

  Klout added Google+ as their newest factor for social media influence score.

  Google+ continues to walk the line between Facebook and Twitter by adding a Trending Topics section. With the termination of Google Wave and other diminishing Google properties, we can expect Google to continue their trend of rolling up services into Google + and expand the social network’s user base.

Be On the Lookout:

  The commercials are out for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, largely considered the best Android yet, and the speculation and rumors begin about everything from the launch date to the price.

  The Facebook Ticker feature, which exists now in the right column and generally features “light” updates from friends will now incorporate ads and sponsored stories.

  HTC is working with Facebook on a new smartphone device that will be deeply integrated with the social network.

  WordPress 3.3 is now available! New features include a revamped design to the admin bar, new tooltips and an improved media uploader.