Podcast Killed the Video Star:  How Podcast Advertising Builds Authentic Engagement with Millennials

Despite a consistently growing audience, podcasts rarely are top of mind for brands looking for non-traditional advertising platforms. With increased competition for share of attention, banner blindness, and prevalence of adblockers, podcasts could (and probably should) become part of the marketing mix for some, but not all brands in 2016.

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Written by Business Development & Marketing Strategist

Design-Thinking for CMOs: How to Focus Amid a Flood of Data

Chief marketing officers are blessed and cursed at the same time with all the data coming at them.

They are blessed because, as the buyer journey continues to become digitized, every touch point, every moment of decision — even the literal smiles and frowns on a customer’s face — can be tracked and tallied. New digital marketing tools are creating a tremendous opportunity for new information about customer behavior.

CMOs are cursed at the same time because they are swimming in the data. And it’s not a relaxing swim in a tropical lagoon. It’s like being washed overboard in a hurricane. This is not an environment conducive to innovating and driving growth.

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Written by Founder

Think Like Mark Cuban: Why Experiential Is the Future of Your Advertising Spend

Virtual and digital technologies will continue to evolve and grow their presence within our lives, and as they do, savvy investors like Mark Cuban are anticipating a continued upswell in consumer appreciation of unplugged, real-life marketing efforts. The rise of music festivals and events is an indicator of our reawakened desire to connect with the world around us without an intermedium or digital barrier.

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