How Marketers and Brand Managers Can Prepare for the Cognitive Era

The cognitive era is here and machines will be increasingly trusted to not only collect and analyze data, but help us make our decisions. As marketers, the decisions cognitive computers make for us may not be life or death, but they will have profound effects on how our consumer audience discovers products and makes purchasing decisions. We must learn when to trust the machines (or not) and prepare for the cognitive era.

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Written by Founder

What Is Pokémon GO and What Can It Do for Your Brand?

Since its US release less than a week ago on July 7th, mobile augmented reality (AR) game Pokémon GO has taken both the real and virtual world by storm — it’s about to surpass Twitter’s total active daily users, it’s been downloaded more than Tinder, and Central Park is filled with budding Pokémon Masters trying to Catch ‘Em All. This undoubtedly has marketers, entrepreneurs, game designers, and anyone else designing or investing in digital, physical, and hybrid experiences scrambling to discover why Pokémon GO is such a resounding success when so many other augmented and virtual reality activations have fallen flat.

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Written by Designer

From Personalized To Predictive: How To Harness The Next Big Boom In Experience

Just as personalization made customization look trite, smart(er) AI powered by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) engines is poised to replace the personalized with the predicted in our user experience.

Empowered by machine learning and natural language processing we can distill the unprecedented amount of consumer behavioral data now available to form predictive analytics that can begin to make sense of today’s fragmented consumer journey. When paired with advances in automation technology, these predictive analytics allow us to deliver tailored consumer experiences in real-time that put the personalized to shame.

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