Why Organizational Design is the Key to Authentic Client Branding

Insights and market factors certainly shape how a brand strategy comes to life, but organizational design must be the foundation from which a brand is built. If the values of an organization don’t square with the values of their market-facing messages, consumers will tune out and their marketing efforts will be perceived as fraudulent.

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Written by Founder

Hilton Worldwide CMO: Tech Is Key To Superior Guest Experience

In this exclusive interview, Hilton CMO Geraldine Calpin, who sets the strategic marketing direction for Hilton’s 13 brands, provided insight into the evolution of the guest experience. She also talked about what it will take to outdo the expectations of demanding, digitally-connected customers in the future.

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Written by VP, Digital Transformation

Measured Direction #6: Practicing “Agile” Analytics

In this episode of the Measured Direction podcast, Tom and Jason discuss taking an “Agile” approach to analytics. They explore who takes on the risk in a stakeholder/team relationship, how process can mitigate this risk, and how process can be used to make work more efficient, more effective, and more satisfying.

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How Marketers and Brand Managers Can Prepare for the Cognitive Era

The cognitive era is here and machines will be increasingly trusted to not only collect and analyze data, but help us make our decisions. As marketers, the decisions cognitive computers make for us may not be life or death, but they will have profound effects on how our consumer audience discovers products and makes purchasing decisions. We must learn when to trust the machines (or not) and prepare for the cognitive era.

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