The December Digital Innovation Content You Don’t Want to Miss

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With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to round up some of our latest and greatest digital marketing content to help beat the December Doldrums.

If you haven’t heard, the future of competition has arrived. eSports, or competitive gaming, is an emerging billion dollar platform that holds the potential to reach advertising-averse millennials in completely authentic ways. Red Bull is leveraging eSports to take their brand to the next level, are you?

The increasingly high number of LOHAS consumers living Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability will be a defining trend that shapes purchases this upcoming holiday season. Meet the LOHAS Consumer and learn the values of the largest consumer segment you’ve never heard of. Want to appeal to them? Try transparency.      

Boston Consulting Group’s annual report ranking and analyzing the world’s most innovative companies was just released. So what did they find it takes to be innovative? Speed and technology followed by more speed and more technology, reported the surveyed executives from the world leaders in pushing things forward. The ability to leverage big-data analytics and quickly adopt new technology platforms were the commonly credited drivers of the speed and technology required for real innovation.

VR and AI are two growing technology platforms that the geeky sci-fi creative technologists of Digital Surgeons are willing to bet will change the future (and both only require two key strokes to mention, although that was before this aside).       

Oh and last but not least, a final warning for fellow creatives— beware because the brilliant work you just finished and love so much, well it actually might suck.

Have a happy start to the holiday season from your friends at Digital Surgeons!