My First 30 Days at Digital Surgeons

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It’s hard to describe the feeling you get walking through the doors of Digital Surgeons for the first time. It’s one of those offices where you can immediately tell that the atmosphere in the room and energy in the air foster a level of cutting-edge creativity. And I’m not just saying that. Coming from a background in game development, I’ve had my fair share of late-night jam sessions where creative minds are throwing everything on a whiteboard to see what sticks. I’ve been in those caffeine-fueled crunch weeks where everything comes together in what feels like seconds before launch. It’s crazy, but it’s amazing. It’s the kind of environment that brings out the best in people, regardless of personality or role within the organization. When minds like these come together to build an experience, you already know the user will go nuts over it.

Despite everything I’ve learned so far, from tech stacks and agency life to everyone’s names, the biggest thing that’s stuck with me is the importance of building personal connections to create compelling experiences. I’m incredibly lucky to work with such a personable and talented team of creators. The other technologists couldn’t have given me a warmer welcome, and our seemingly instant chemistry has done wonders for creative thinking as well as analytical problem solving. There will always be those late nights: the last few guys hunched in front of their monitors, the last light sources in the office, trying to solve why a chunk of code isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. Some nights you go to bed frustrated by these challenges, other nights you’re more determined than ever. No matter how a day ends, one thing has stayed true: you can’t wait to jump back in tomorrow.

Knowing you’re supported by your peers isn’t a safety net, it’s a springboard. A true sense of camaraderie gives us all the opportunity to take more chances, work together, and most importantly, have fun doing it. Nobody’s ever made an award-winning video game being pessimistic and alone the whole time, so how do you think Digital Surgeons makes award-winning experiences? I know I’m walking a fine line between thoughtful reflection and “teamwork makes the dream work” clichés, but it’s something I truly believe in. Great experiences come from great products. Great products come from great teams. And great teams are made of great people.