Learning Beyond the Classroom: My First 30 Days as a Digital Surgeon

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I always knew I wanted to work at an innovative company. The problem was, my perception of “innovative” was basically limited to Google, Amazon, and IDEO. I didn’t realize that the most “innovative” companies are the ones that you have to work to find – and it’s ok if you don’t recognize their name. You just have to recognize the fire in people’s eyes.

On my first day, our Co-Founder, Pete Sena, told me “This is a place where it’s ok to fail” and he meant it. People make mistakes – that’s how you learn. And here at Digital Surgeons, we’re all about learning.

I am pushed harder and have learned more than I can admit learning in most of my classes. Everywhere I look, there is someone who is willing to teach. I’ve sat in on lunch-and-learns taught by co-workers on topics ranging from Chrome Developer Tools and Personality Identification Tests, to Leadership, Gamification, and more.  

But the learning doesn't stop on a company-organized level – the enthusiasm to teach extends to an individual basis.

When I told Pete I’m a bit of a book-worm, he sent no less than 50 book suggestions my way and was excited to hear my thoughts when I finished reading through them.  

When I showed interest in my Account Director Orlee Peress’ Personality Identification Lecture, she followed up with a “Personality Shortcut” worksheet to help me remember my learnings.

I come in a half-an-hour early each Tuesday and Thursday to watch an online Speed Learning class with a co-worker, just for fun.

These are just a few of the many, many examples of co-workers going out of their way to help me learn and grow, and also to grow with me.

Everywhere – and I mean EVERYWHERE – I look, people are helping each other improve, helping each other learn. This is the place to go if you want to be the best. It’s not for the faint of heart – we are a fast paced, work hard, and grind till we’re done environment.

Rather, it’s for those with oversized hearts: everyone here is smart, skilled, and unapologetically themselves.

We’ve created relationships and friendships that are solidified by our inclusion and passion for this business, and, more importantly, because here at DS we have the freedom to be great.

Everyday I go to work, and I leave smarter than I came. And every day I thank my lucky stars I ended up here.