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When I first pulled up to the historic, yet unprepossessing Trolley Depot at 1175 State Street, I had no idea the incredible people that lay inside that would change my summer (and fall and winter) in a fast paced, always-learning environment full of energy and bright faces.

Far from a typical internship of getting coffee and doing simple tasks, the team introduced me to a tech-obsessed, vibrant world. The always “on”, yet openly welcoming environment easily drew me in from day one. I knew right away that I would never be bored or waiting for 5 PM to roll around (teaser: the end of my day was at 3 PM!) Not that I ever wanted to leave. Pun-filled conversations on Slack, lunches out in downtown New Haven’s hidden gems, and company gatherings like potlucks and bridal showers interspersed with my work time here, making it feel like a family, albeit one that is always “forward obsessed”

How did I find out about such an internship as this and then score it, you ask? A week after graduating college, I went to the UK as a graduation present for 3 weeks. Working/making money was far from my mind at this point as you can imagine. Upon returning home, I slowly realized I would not be returning to school in the fall. For other graduates out there, I’m sure you realize how long it takes to have this epiphany. After a Google search, I discovered Digital Surgeons, right in my backyard! Their social media revealed a fun, quirky atmosphere located in a trendy, industrial style office. It definitely looked like the place to be.

I was always helping someone new, from developers to creatives to the account team, not just the people in my assigned business development role. I even acted as receptionist a few times. My time at Digital Surgeons was completely varied from one day to the next, so that I was able to get a sense of every facet of the business and get to know everyone in the process. I learned about everything from the growing world of eSports to how to use Trello as an agile project management tool. A new obsession even started from a research assignment on podcasts. Serial season 2 here I come!

An internship like this outside of college seemed to be a difficult goal to achieve, especially a dynamic one so close to my sleepy shoreline CT town that would teach me so much. My skill set now includes social listening, competitive analysis, and perspective on how to develop effective content marketing that doesn’t use the academic style favored and taught by college professors. Each day, I had the chance to use platforms and tools that are used to develop marketing and social strategies for global brands and businesses.

If you’re looking for a work “framily” in an energetic and visionary, Slack-induced environment, Digital Surgeons is the answer. I’ll always remember the off-beat and creative bunch at DS as I move forward in my career.

Gina White

Marketing and Business Development Intern ‘15


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