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The transition from a lecture hall to an office may be presented as simple and easy, yet college cannot fully prepare you for every challenge that awaits after graduation. Many recent graduates find themselves hunting for jobs, facing daunting interviews, or struggling with lifestyle changes. My challenge was choosing the right career path.

Before Digital Surgeons (DS), I was bouncing around from internship to internship, experiencing the joys of working with small non-profits to the intensity of working with a multinational corporation. Each experience was positive, and each provided insight into what life would be like as a full-time professional. However, as promising as these opportunities were, I could not envision myself waking up at 6AM each morning and commuting to a job that I had little interest in.

It wasn’t until Digital Surgeons attended a career fair at my university that I realized I wanted to take my career in another direction. DS was offering something different – an internship that pairs education with creativity, and challenges the principles of traditional thinking. This organization was forward-obsessed, and I wanted to be a part of it. Luckily for me, I was offered a role within their account team as an intern. Fresh out of college, you’d like to think you are prepared for what comes next. But that’s not always true, and I found that out on my first day at DS.

The interns and I entered into a dimly lit room with old-school light bulbs hanging from the ceiling – the setup was contemporary, but with a hipsterish twist (yes, hipsterish is an actual word). We sat at a large table with the creators of the DS curriculum, which was a group that included the co-founder and a combination of account managers, development wizards, and design gurus (Dungeons and Dragons, anyone?). The start of this conversation went as expected: we learned about the company, past and current clients, and what was expected of us throughout the internship. It wasn’t until we began discussing the vision of Digital Surgeons that each of us knew this would be unlike any other job we’ve had in the past. This agency did not just provide great work for clients, but provided great experiences for everyone involved. Our internship was no exception: we wouldn’t be making coffee runs or live next to the printer; we were going to be working alongside experts on actual client projects. In addition, these experts wielded NERF guns, ate barrels of chocolate-covered raisins, and wrote ideas on the wall during brainstorms. It was clear DS wasn’t a typical agency, and we were hooked.

Fast-forward three months, and it’s tough to think about working anywhere else. The projects we’ve worked on, the co-workers we’ve collaborated with, and the mentors we’ve learned from helped make this an unforgettable experience. Of course, there were days that I would come home mentally exhausted, but that’s just a side-effect of thinking unconventionally. Creativity is always on tap at DS, and if you’re looking for an internship unlike any other, I’d suggest filling a glass – and an application.

Don Pfeiffer
Account Intern ‘15 

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