Embrace Your Curiosity

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Digital Surgeons Values: 1 of 5

As Digital Surgeons continues to grow and evolve, constantly pushing forward to new and exciting things, it became essential to codify our culture with a documented set of values that represent the attitudes and actions of our team at its best. So, to launch the five values of our firm, team members were asked to share what each value means to them. 


As we push forward into the new year with a bold, new set of unifying team values, we at Digital Surgeons are reminded of one of our founder Pete Sena’s favorite quotes:

“We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring, Will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time.”

– T.S. Eliot

From my perspective, the quote speaks to how the world has changed over our time, with new innovations occurring each day. But, while change is constant, our values as an ever-evolving design & innovation firm have held true. And, with everything we’ve learned in our travels, we see the world and our company for the first time, with fresh, refined eyes.

And, while this quote tells the story of the Digital Surgeons team’s constant effort to evolve our practices and our capabilities, it also speaks to the first value Pete laid out for us in 2016: our curiosity.

It’s our curiosity that has driven us from the beginning; inspiring us to question, to seek, to dissect, and to always look upon the world with unbound enthusiasm. Because, the more we uncover and ideate on today, the more we can create and define what’s possible for tomorrow.  

Without our curiosity, we move unthinking, absent of insight and earned knowledge, witnessing change, as opposed to inspiring it. By never ceasing from exploration, we are able to learn from the world around us. And with each step, and each new discovery, we view the world through a lens of experience that allows us to see ever further, finding value in every opportunity.

We are continually reminded here at Digital Surgeons that we all have something great to bring forward, and that by embracing our curiosity, we have the power to inspire the world around us. From a love of books or video games to a forward-thinking understanding of virtual reality, the things we’ve found as individuals and have brought to the table for all to experience keep our efforts inspired and our work fulfilling. These personal passions don’t always drive the company’s bottom line or secure new business, but they always motivate and light a spark in those around us, like how two passionate teammates, on a quiet night in the office, can turn a table into a musical instrument, or how one person can turn government data into a fire tracker that’s capable of savings lives across the country.

With curiosity, we become stronger, more enlightened versions of ourselves, and can therefore use our diverse, collective findings to drive the growth and evolution of Digital Surgeons for years to come, always seeing the world for the first time.

And that is why we shall not cease from exploration, ever.