Want to go Digital? Start Thinking About Platforms

While there are more platforms than ever for businesses to connect with their customers, it is harder than ever to find them. Digital transformation has produced a new set of tools to enable businesses to discover where their customers are located, when they are buying, and through what channels they reached their website. These will help you connect with current and future customers.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Disruptive innovations can destroy companies whose massive size hinders them from swiftly adapting to technological change. Emerging technologies are a double-edged swords. Companies that adopt new platforms and have the people in place to make them effective can unlock new value for themselves, their customers, and their employees. Those that don’t are at risk of extinction.

Today, the avatar of disruption is digital transformation. Simply put, the phrase captures a slew of emerging technologies that will restructure every industry in some capacity or another.

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