What is Biomimicry // With Cate B. Johnson

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Written by Pete Sena,
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Pete Sena: So what is biomimicry?

Cate Johnson: Biomimicry, in a definition state is, being inspired by the design of nature and that nature is perfect design, in a way. Like, why I love it is, to me design is about getting all different people with all different thoughts around a table. Getting them involved in the process and, because I love nature so much, I’m inspired by it. I realized at a certain point I’m like, “could I ideate with nature? I can empathize with nature. How do I bring in nature to a different part of the design process?”

So I kind of stumbled upon it in a way that was really kind of organic and what I discovered was that there’s a Biomimicry Institute. There’s tons of research about it all these products and services and experiences already being designed with nature. Like, this is not something I came up with. There’s this great quote that says “the world is 3.8 billion years old. That means that everything that’s living has been iterated through evolution for billions of years.”

So when you think about a product cycle: can you imagine having that many iterations? Of course this is perfect design. Look at these mountains and these trees. How did this happen? and they’re gorgeous, and they make you feel good, and so to me it’s I just so naturally leaned into it and it just it brings me a lot of joy.

Pete: I love that. What’s interesting for the audience that might be looking at this going, “alright what are these two ‘new age-y’ people talking about?” I think it’s interesting is the billionaire Ray Dalio who started Bridgewater here in Connecticut talks a lot about the laws of nature in his book, “Principles.” So to say that the laws of nature and biomimicry are something that all walks and talks of professionals can take advantage of and get inspired by is an understatement.

I’m sure you agree but you’re biased. [Laughs]