Get Out of Your Comfort Zone & Make Your Voice Heard // With Marcella Miguel Berland

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Written by Pete Sena,
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Marcella Miguel Berland: I realized very early on in my career because I was usually the only woman in the room that I have to make my voice heard. Part of the key is to get out of your comfort zone because if you stay in your comfort zone you’re gonna do well but you’re not going to excel. And I always wanted to excel at everything I did.

And I realized with all these guys talking and talking and sometimes they had wonderful things to say, other times they didn’t but still they made the effort to talk and be heard. So I wanted to be heard. I challenged myself early on and I said well I need to speak at least three times during these meetings and it seems very simple and you think who cannot do that, but it was. You know, I didn’t feel that comfortable doing it so I had to push myself and once you start doing and you gain the confidence you can do it more and more.

Of course, you have to have the knowledge and that’s why I say to young people don’t be confrontational just to be. Don’t come up with different ideas just to say something out of the box you need to have the knowledge to support what you are saying. But I also tell people if you’re going agree with everything your client has said why are they going to hire you? You always have to bring a fresh and new perspective so when you start doing that people respect you more cause working in Latin America in particular where it is a very much man orientated society. Giving advice to a person coming from a woman it’s like well why should I listen you have to really make double the effort and prove yourself but it is possible.