Who will be this year’s E*TRADE baby?

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The day after the Super Bowl always sparks the best conversations among those at your office. Not only to talk about the game itself, but what is more of a hot topic are the commercials. Everyone always has his or her opinion on what was a great marketing strategy, and what just didn’t work.

  Slowly, the excitement in one day of ads has drifted into the digital world, allowing for these campaigns to have some longevity and giving non-sports fans a chance to see what they missed. This year, it’s going one step further.

  When Google first rolled out its Hangout video chats for Google+, a large part of its plan was to allow users to hang out and watch YouTube videos together. While many people were questioning the use of this feature, now we’re seeing what Google really had on the radar.

  On Monday, Feb. 6, CNBC’s sports business reporter Darren Rovell, will be the host and industry expert for an NBC Sports ‘ Google+ Hangout discussion of the Super Bowl commercials.

  The Super Bowl is hands down the biggest single day of the year for advertisers. With the eyes of millions of Americans tuned in to watch the game as well as the TV commercials, the commercials have become as notorious as the game itself.

  During the Hangout, Rovell will review the Super Bowl commercials, discuss the ads, and interact with fans on YouTube’s Ad Blitz, the page where the site asks users to vote on their favorite Super Bowl ads. The goal is to find out what commercials worked best and which didn’t.

  On Friday evening, Feb. 17 during his NBC Sports Network show CNBC SportsBiz: Game On, Rovell will reveal the winning ad selected by YouTube Ad Blitz users. To enhance marketing efforts further, YouTube will also be showing NBC ads and serving up promos for the big game all weekend long.

  “The day after the Super Bowl is when people head back to their office water coolers to discuss what they loved and what they didn’t,” Rovell said. “Our conversation is about taking all those water cooler conversations and bringing it to a national, digital stage.”

Why is the Super Bowl the biggest single day of the year for advertisers?

  The Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year not just for football, but for advertising as well. Viewer’s expectations of advertisements during the game are high. Are they going to be funny? Entertaining? Emotional? Engaging? Instead of getting up to go to the bathroom or grabbing a nice cold beer, let’s get them to stay in front of the TV.

  The Super Bowl typically has the highest ratings of the year for any sponsored tv show. With over 100 million viewers, you can see why advertisers are so eager to reach such a large audience. Wouldn’t you be?

  Last year’s results from The Nielsen Company for Super Bowl XLV on FOX had an average audience of 111 million viewers, surpassing 2010’s Super Bowl, and broke the record for the most watched television program of all time in the U.S. The game was viewed in 53.3 million households.

  Are you joining in? Go Giants!