Intern Diaries: Hannah Pieragostini

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We might call them minions, but the interns that walk through our doors don’t fetch coffee, they experience our full Digital Surgeons University program, work on client projects and contribute to the DS environment. Our interns are awesome, and we wanted to show them some love with our intern blog series. We caught up with some DS interns that found permanent positions in our office or used the skills they learned here to secure a job elsewhere.


I knew Digital Surgeons was a fit the first time I entered the office. When I started as an intern, it was the final summer I could still call myself a student. I was ready. I graduated from the Hartford Art School that fall of 2013 with a BFA in graphic and web design. I was blown away by how much I had to learn and was so excited. My motivation in life is being in a situation where I can learn something new, and DS sure was that. What I learned in my internship I will carry with me for the rest of my life.


During the months I spent with Digital Surgeons, my eyes were open to the ever-updating design field. I worked on many skills along the way, and still do. I had projects that were more interesting than my school assignments because they were more realistic. The projects ranged from small client work to skills tests including a UI kit, infographic and website redesigns. I would have to say my favorite project was the website redesign. My first and last project of the internship was to redesign a website of my choice, Long Trail Brewery. My skills improved tremendously by the second round, and I was proud of the final design. I wanted consumers who love craft beer to understand the lifestyle and history of Long Trail, and drive business to their brewery. One thing I learned through this series of redesigns was how to expand on the user experience. New trends came into play with the redesign where I created a very visual, lifestyle feel of the brewery. Originally, they had a lot of information I had to dig for, which I learned is not the best experience. I also learned that social media can be your best friend. I expanded the brand using social media by integrating Twitter and Facebook into the lifestyle-centric website. I hope my ideas can become a reality and one day hook up with the brewery to make their consumer experience a much nicer one.


There’s one thing I can say about my experience; through hard work, passion and motivation, one can achieve what is desired. And as of today, I accomplished that. I became a full time minion designer for Digital Surgeons in January 2014.

I hope to able to grow with my new family for a while, which includes staying on top of new trends, working with big name brands, and polishing my skills endlessly alongside a number of the best creative designers and developers in the area.

My advice to anyone is to, by all means, keep learning.

Hannah Pieragostini
Design Intern, Summer 2013