Here’s Why IGTV is the Exciting New Future of Content

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These are interesting times we’re living in right now. Current developments in content, creativity, and the ways we interact with one another on a peer-to-peer and brand-to-consumer basis are fascinating.

Instagram’s latest offering feels like a fresh new spin on an old idea, but it’s really so much more than that. IGTV marks the closing of the old age of media consumption, and the dawning of a new one.

The way we fundamentally consume media has changed a lot between the invention of the television and the innovation of the internet. With online content replacing prime time programming, we saw consumer habits change right before our eyes.

Now is the time for another shift – and it’s happening all around us.

Customer habits have changed the game again, for good.

Consumable content was once dominated by social media graphics and blog posts, however, video content has become the powerful challenger that just won’t quit. Mobile is the new go-to platform for consumers to interact with peer and brands online, and that’s just one more device that brands have to account for.

This gives brands and agencies a nuanced maze that’s hard to navigate.

According to this study by SmallBizTrends, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be video content. This specific study states that mobile eCommerce purchases made up 58.9% of all eCommerce sales in 2017.

Users want to participate in what they consume, live. Facebook Live Video engagements quadrupled in 2017, according to Facebook’s head of video, Fidji Simo.

Not only must your brand be front and center, it now must be front and center in more formats than ever before, and it must be everywhere.

What does this all mean, exactly, and how does IGTV fit in? Let’s make it as simple as possible:

The very nature of content consumption, creation, and distribution has been irrevocably altered for the better.

IGTV is the vanguard for collaborative, human-centric content.

IGTV, as a platform, is taking the concept of video and marrying it to mobile in a way no one has ever done before. Horizontal video reflects the way we interact with television. Vertical video reflects the way we interact with our mobile phones.

To put this all into perspective; cable television is straining under the weight of streaming services. 61% of young adults use online streaming video services to watch video, cites this Pew Research Center Study.

If mobile is the new playing field and digital video is the game, traditional television isn’t even in the same ballpark anymore. IGTV has actually redefined what it means to consume video media.

This difference between the user-created content giant known as YouTube, and Facebook-owned IGTV, is the clear line in the sand between the past and the future.

If YouTube cannot innovate past imitating the bygone era of television, it will be hard pressed to mature past its current point.

IGTV doesn’t need to compete with YouTube, because IGTV has rewritten the rulebook, changed the game, and shifted to where people are actually paying attention.

Human habits come first. IGTV reflects this key fact.

IGTV gives influencers and consumers the power to reach each other, effortlessly.

Even though the platform is so very new, IGTV is where influencers want to be. So, too, should your brand position yourself on the platform before saturation slides your company into the backseat.

92% of consumers trust an influencer over a traditional celebrity endorsement or advertisement, cites this article. What this means is that where the influencers go, consumers will undoubtedly follow.

YouTube may be the most popular platform for vloggers, but its format doesn’t reflect current user behaviors and trends. The constraints of horizontal, desktop-first video have always been a challenge when it comes to recording and viewing video on mobile devices. The friction created by forcing users to have to orient their phones between horizontal and vertical can’t be ignored.

Mobile is exactly how people are using the internet to access their favorite content, right here, and right now.

IGTV has set influencers free from the cumbersome confines of horizontal video. IGTV has set users free from the friction they feel when trying to engage with the content that delights them. It’s also set Instagram stars free from video length constraints, allowing more long-form content to flourish.

Influencers know this, and are already staking their claim on the Facebook-owned platform.

Accessible brands and Influencers are the reality stars of new media and content. Slice of life is the current hot topic and isn’t going away any time soon. Authenticity is the name of the game, and without this, brands fail.

None of this can be ignored, and it shouldn’t be.

Influencers, savvy brands, and tuned-in marketers all have IGTV in their sights. If your brand isn’t thinking about how to best use this new platform to create relationships with your consumers, the time is now.

IGTV elevates video content as conversation.

Consider Twitch Streaming and Facebook Live streaming services for a moment. Twitch boasts a massive 44 billion minutes of streaming content watched per month on its platform. Undeniably, brands want in on similar formats but in different niches. In 2017, nearly 2 billion people have watched Facebook Live broadcasts.

Contemporary consumers want to contribute to the content they consume and feel like they’re a part of the story. On Twitch Streaming and Facebook Live streaming, users participate, leave comments, and chat – sometimes very directly affecting the media they are engaging with.

This often provokes instant responses from the brands and influencers employing live streams. This creates consumer loyalty, delight, trust, and designs demand for brands and influencers alike.

IGTV has a live streaming feature already baked into its features. Where other platforms, Facebook and YouTube included, had to adopt this technology as the times changed.

Accessibility and the ability to be collaborative will take your brand to new heights. IGTV puts that feature in your hands, so that your consumers can access what they want, when they want it, and be a part of the content they engage with.

IGTV is new media, not just social media.

Once the IGTV app is opened, videos by subscribed creators will start playing instantly. IGTV has just solidified itself as the next generation of media, and ditched one-dimensional media consumption by the wayside.

This is quite possibly the key reason why IGTV is such an interesting, exciting new development. Once, consumers turned on the television and instantly tuned into their program of choice. Now that digital video has become the standard, that concept of instant engagement ebbed and flowed depending on what platform a consumer engaged with.

Now, IGTV is the new television, and yet it’s also so much more than that.

The dichotomy between television and digital video content has never been married in the same exact way before.

Think about how revolutionary that concept is, as a whole. Video media is now instantly accessible, collaborative, fresh, and right in the hands and pockets of the 71% of all human beings who own a smartphone.

IGTV has introduced us to video media in a way we’ve never seen before.

Is your brand thinking about IGTV, and the future of consumable media?

We’ve finally come full-circle on this topic, and I can’t be more excited for what the future holds for brands and their content marketing endeavors. The possibilities now seem endless, as technology is paving the way for deeper business-to-consumer relationships in the way consumers want to be engaged with.

Are you ready for the next phase of video media and content marketing?

If you find yourself and your brand at a crossroads, consider reaching out to our team at Digital Surgeons. We’ll mobilize these new developments to bolster and design demand for your brand.

We’re excited to help your brand take that next step towards innovation.