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Written by Alex Hornak,
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As designers, we’re always looking for the new fresh place to post our work, thoughts, and inspiration. Here at Digital Surgeons, we have largely shifted over to Instagram to participate in sharing and engaging with the creative community as a whole. Here’s a quick roundup of the creative team’s top 5’s over on Instagram.

01 // CrossFit New Haven logo

A design thrown down for some CrossFit New Haven swag.

02 // Avenge Us Brewing Co

I love superheroes and I love beer so why not design something for both. Here’s some beer label design for a fictional brewery called "Avenge Us Brewing Co." just in time for Endgame.

03 // Sperry web experience redesign

Last year we had the opportunity to work on Sperry’s web experience, one of my favorite projects to date! And working with the team at Sperry was great. Super passionate about the brand, and incredibly talented…I also never thought I’d geek out as much as I did over boat shoes.⁠

04 // Odeum app design

Part of a passion project a friend and I are working on in our free time. A streaming service that gives more control to creators and how they premiere/showcase their work.

05 // Odeum app design

Mobile screens for a passion project I’m working on with a friend. The idea of the app is to give creators in movies, tv, and music more control over how they release their work.


01 // Intelligent Artifacts logo

Everything from sacred geometry to primitive hexagonal shapes had an influence in this logo for the startup AI company Intelligent Artifacts.

02 // Intelligent Artifacts design study

Everything from color psychology to branded motion went into our latest design study for Intelligent Artifacts, a startup company focusing on evolving the way today’s AI works.

03 // ZENB logo animation

A logo animation created to support a large-scale social activation campaign for the sustainable snack company ZENB.

04 // Dazian Print Media branding

Some trade show graphics created to support the print media division of Dazian. They create amazing event environments and custom fabric installations.

05 // Cammelbak Custom Print mobile app

An experience design project where we had the opportunity to create a new revenue channel for CamelBak.


01 // IMEND Brand Exploration

A first look at some of the initial exploration that went into rebranding a global device repair company.

02 // IMEND Repair booking experience

A mobilefirst experience where customers can book a repair directly from their phone and have a technician show up at their doorstep the same day to repair their broken device.

03 // Cornhole Tournament Branding

A fun side project for a cornhole tournament amongst a New Haven based tech campus.

04 // Redesign of the experience

A site that lead with transparency and real ingredients conveying brand authenticity and connections with pet parents.

05 // Local small business branding

A side project for a local chiropractic/sports rehab startup in the area.

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