11 of the Most Iconic Ads From the ‘00s

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Written by Gabrielle Warakomski,
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11 of the Most Iconic Ads From the ‘00s

Everyone’s got that one qUiRkY interest, right? For example, your cousin Guinevere, who uses the French pronunciation of her name and has a large collection of rare, porcelain beanie babies. While you, on the other hand, might have a massive wheat-back penny collection.

Now that I’ve put you and your cousin on blast, I can talk about my obsession: Commercials from the ’00s.

Why? The nostalgia aspect of it is pretty nice, but I think about these commercials a lot, which means they left an impact on me and probably helped shape who I am.

So what do you get out of this? Well, if you’re in my generation you can ride the waves of nostalgia with me. If you’re in an older generation, you can get some insight into Gen Z and use the weird you see as a building block for your paid and organic content.

Hope you’ve got a towel because we’re diving into 11 of the most nostalgic ads from the ‘00s.

Optimum Triple Play

Nostalgia Rating: 6/10
This commercial has no business being this catchy. Seriously, I’ve remembered this number for more than half of my life…I also have optimum now, so this one really got the job done.
Favorite Part: Call 877-393-4 4 4 8!

Education Connection

Nostalgia Rating: 8/10
I’d be insulted if you don’t remember this classic, which is also the reason I’m giving it an 8 for nostalgia. It slaps but we’ve never really forgotten it, have we?
Favorite Part: The shot of our girl with the tray of condiments is the first image that comes to mind when I think of this ad and that’s the way it should be.


Nostalgia Rating: 7/10
If you’re a gen z or late millennial…you’re LYING if you say this didn’t freak you out. I know some people who were afraid to eat gushers after this, but I don’t think it stopped them.
Favorite Part: His head getting stuck in a locker, of course. Orange you glad you aren’t him?



Nostalgia Rating: 6/10
“Link Licker” is a great line but the inflection sends it to stardom. Also, this is now an audio on TikTok which further proves its icon status.
Favorite Part: “Son of a biscuit eating bulldog” is a line I made a staple in my vocabulary and didn’t realize where I got it from until I saw this again.

5 Gum

Nostalgia Rating: 5/10
I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this but I used to think this was a condom commercial hahaha and watching it back I can see why.
Favorite Part: Three words: metal ball pit.

Chef Boyardee

Nostalgia Rating: 7/10
This commercial answers the age-old question of “what IF the food my mom didn’t buy followed me home?” I know we’ve ALL asked that before.
Favorite Part: The fact that the can obeys traffic laws. Unfortunately, I’ve heard it was a HUGE diva on set.

Hillshire Farm

Nostalgia Rating: 8/10
Memory unlocked, I got excited when I found this bad boy again. Plus, I remembered all the words so I know that was a good one. I’m a vegetarian now, but Hillshire’s still got the meat.
Favorite Part: Go MEAAAAAAT!


Reeses Puffs

Nostalgia Rating: 7/10
You could choose any Reeses Puff commercial and it would be iconic, but there’s something about the rap in this that really boosts the flavor.
My Favorite Part: Personally, the proud parental gaze gives me the giggles.

Capri Sun

Nostalgia Rating: 9/10
The “Respect the Pouch” campaign was great but this ad stood out to me the most. It also instilled a deep fear of being disrespectful. Well, that and catholic school.
Favorite Part: When the kid on the left doesn’t react it’s comedy gold. chef kiss

Free Credit Report

Nostalgia Rating: 9/10
Remembering this ad is like finding a toy you were obsessed with but you put it down and forgot about it. Then when you find it again, however many years later, it instantly makes you relieve all those good moments.
Put this on Spotify!
Favorite Part: This is specific, but there’s a harmony added around the 14-second mark that ties this tune together.


Nostalgia Rating: 10/10
I’ve gotten into arguments with my co-workers because they don’t remember this bad boy. It’s haunting, this man scares me, and this commercial reminds me of Shrek. Needless to say, it’s perfect.
Favorite Part: I love it all but the kick is everything to me.

There you have it, my favorite ads! Now take this info and make some weird, fun content that grabs the attention of Gen Z. And if you’re still not sure Gen Z would be interested in odd ideas…just download TikTok & stay tuned for the ads that haunt my memory!