Mindset, Motivation, and Mechanics

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Written by Kyle Adams,
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Finding your dream job, or finding top tier talent is not as simple as you might think. There is an art and a science to assessing what makes the right fit. This goes way beyond matching a resume to a job description. It’s about finding your Venn — the sweet spot where passion, potential, and talent overlap.

Venn is a recruiting agency and talent consultancy that’s mission is to put the human back in hiring. Venn’s co-founder, Jaime Laufer, recently joined Pete Sena, co-founder and CCO of Digital Surgeons for a 4:4:4 webinar session “Finding your Venn: Mindset, Motivation, and Mechanics.

The 4:4:4 webinar session dove into the future of recruiting and how to transform your company, or career, by finding your Venn. Pete and Jaime spoke about a myriad of topics from going beyond buzzwords, to hiring for will over skills.

Jaime’s always been the chit chatter that wants to know people, that wants to exchange stories, and is always striving to make interpersonal connections. Jaime’s work with Venn is an endeavor to reimagine recruiting, and change the negative stigma some people have about it.

Jaime knows the industry needs an overhaul and points out during the 4:4:4 session that an inherent problem with recruiting is recruiters only match a resume to a job description. She goes on to explain how recruiters aren’t thinking about a long-term fit, their only goal is to meet a quota. Here’s more of what she had to say.

“At the end of the day, people are the product in the recruiting industry. People aren’t a quota, you have to treat each person very individually and tailor the conversation to try and truly make a match. Recruiters tend to forget two things. One, people identify with their careers. If you ever go to a dinner party and someone asks you to tell them about yourself, you immediately lead with what you do. The second, is that your job affords you basic necessities and luxuries. So your job is the things that happen outside of the 9-5, outside of the cubicle.”

Jaime has a knack for drawing connections and she doesn’t see someone as one dimensional, instead she focuses on transferable skills and unlocking potential. You can’t teach someone ethics, interests, or passions, but you can teach the technical skills of the job itself.

During the 4:4:4 session Jaime explained how she placed someone with a theater background in a content creation role. Jaime was able to help this person that was doing administrative and support entry work, make the transition to a content creation team. She did this by helping the candidate package her theater skills and knowledge, then draw the connections to content creation. This is how Jaime created a correlation between the two.

“If you’re working on set design, I’m sure you had to think about lighting and props and where things were. I told her how the content creation team does a ton of photo shoots and they’re always thinking about lighting and props and getting the shot right. I helped her package all of her theater skills and present it to the manager of the department, and it worked! She’s an awesome addition to that team.”

Sending a thank you to the recruiters, project managers, strategists and everyone else that joined us live during this 4:4:4 session! You can connect with Jaime Laufer on LinkedIn, or reach out to her through Venn’s website if you’re looking for your next long-term move or a new perspective.

Check out the video below, to watch the full episode of this 4:4:4.

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