Tom Miller

VP of Marketing & Analytics

Tom Miller is a digital analytics thought-leader who designs, implements, and runs analytics practices that enable digital agencies and corporations to capitalize on the data revolution.

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How to Integrate OpenShare with Google Analytics and Tag Manager

OpenShare is an easy-to-use social plug-in for content websites that allows site publishers to quickly and easily deploy social media action buttons on their sites in any style or configuration that they wish. It was created by a team of developers at Digital Surgeons as a means to speed social media action button deployment and lend design flexibility to how we enable social actions on our digital experiences.

I’m pleased to reveal that the latest release of OpenShare contains something close to my heart: fully-realized Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations. This is my guide to integrating OpenShare with Google Analytics.

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Written by VP of Marketing & Analytics

Winning IoT Isn’t About the Analytics of Things, It’s About the Analytics of Your Customers

The Analytics of Things (AoT) refers to “new” practices of analytics that are enabled by the streams of data created by IoT devices.

While these are interesting and important concepts when it comes to IoT product design, the companies that are going to “win with analytics” in the consumer IoT space aren’t going to do so purely on sensor data, but on an overall customer data strategy that informs both their product development and marketing activities.

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Written by VP of Marketing & Analytics

Why do we have a Website?

It can be a provocative question, not because it is difficult to answer but because it is fundamental to beginning the conversation around the goals of your web presence. That conversation, which begins with a simple question and ends with overall organizational alignment on goals, objectives, and key metrics, is critical to success with digital analytics. It is a question that every stakeholder in the organization’s website, from the top to the bottom of the org chart, should be able to answer nearly identically within an organization that is focused on using analytics to drive value.

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