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As CEO and Chief Creative Officer, I’m charged with setting a strategic vision that ensures our organization’s design and culture evolve faster than the needs of the market. Above all else, I’m passionate about partnering with visionary entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and marketers to help them understand and realize their full potential.

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Discovery is Broken: How Co-Creation Workshops Speed up Onboarding & Deliver a Better Final Product

When a project is properly on-boarded to an agency, external partner, or distant business unit, discovery is a critical first phase focused on understanding the larger goals and objectives of the initiative.

But discovery is broken.

Co-creation workshops help eliminate the fundamental disconnect that so often dooms discovery. They are a powerful way to collaboratively define and design an approach that actually solves the problem. They are ways of working that attack the challenges, not the people. They allow you to figure out the most effective and efficient way to allocate your budget and ensure any spend delivers business growth. They keep your project team from building (or buying) a Ferrari that no one in the organization can drive.

Done right, discovery makes projects better, faster, and cheaper.

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Why Everything You Think About Disruption Is Wrong

Don’t try to change faster — change smaller. Digital transformation is about small graduated wins that better allow your organization to adapt to change. The elusive speed to change that CEOs crave is unlocked by identifying opportunities that are low cost in time and resources, and high in potential value.

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Bridge Wonder and Wisdom: Against Ageism in the Workplace

​Ageism is pervasive in the modern workplace. Many businesses are biased towards young, digital natives. But discrimination against older workers is not just illegal. It is bad business practice. Seasoned employees bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that younger employees lack. A diverse workforce means having a mix of employees of all ages in an organization. It is necessary to balance the wonder of youth with the wisdom of experience.

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From Internet of Computers to Internet of Things: Why IoT Matters for your Brand’s Product Strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a microcosm of how we as individuals are connected to the internet. As the internet has permeated nearly every aspect of our personal lives, new value chains will be unlocked for businesses. The IoT is the realization of the technology that infused the world of Blade Runner. It marks the convergence of pop culture and science fiction as connected devices have proliferated over the last 10 years. As the number of devices connected to the internet increases, we will see an increasing convergence of people’s personal lives and business innovation.

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Digital Transformation Starts With Graduated Growth by Design

Smart companies understand that they need to gradually roll out product design changes so that customers intuitively adopt new features (for example, how Apple evolved from the iPod’s click wheel to the iPhone’s touch screen).

But as businesses and startups scale, they often neglect the importance of intelligently designing their workforce.

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Need Creativity to Grow? Try a Design Thinking Workshop

​Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving that can deliver value to any business. Though it takes time to get the design thinking process right, it’s a highly effective framework for generating innovation and creativity within an organization.

A design thinking workshop is an opportunity for a business to quickly learn and immerse itself in design thinking principles.

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