Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

Founder at Authentic Curation

SaaS Consultant & Customer Success Evangelist. Founder at Authentic Curation. Moderator at @ProductHunt & @GrowthHackers. Previously: Growth at @Inboundorg. INFJ.

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Product Managers: Use Design Thinking to Beat the ‘Feature Factory’

So many businesses, especially startups (though established companies aren’t immune!), get caught up in trying to out-feature the competition. Or, they try to solve fundamental user issues by throwing features at them, which only leads to the product death cycle. Either way, features aren’t always the answer – especially since today’s customers are more interested in great experiences than products.

Experience is amorphous. It doesn’t just mean customer service – it’s the customer’s emotional experience at every touchpoint with your brand. Does your brand inspire trust? Does it create pleasure, humor, or goodwill?

​Thorny questions like these are why leading-edge companies are turning to Design Thinking.

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