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Marketing Account Manager

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Three Ways to Make Your Brand Your Consumer’s Best Friend

Companies have the potential to create amazing bonds and solidify lifelong loyalty if they invest in their consumers like you would your friends. I’ve recognized three key learnings that companies should adopt to reach best friend status with their consumers (or as I’ll be calling it, best brand status).

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Written by Marketing Account Manager

Learning Beyond the Classroom: My First 30 Days as a Digital Surgeon

I always knew I wanted to work at an innovative company. The problem was, my perception of “innovative” was basically limited to Google, Amazon, and IDEO. I didn’t realize that the most “innovative” companies are the ones that you have to work to find - and it’s ok if you don’t recognize their name. You just have to recognize the fire in people’s eyes. On my first day, our Co-Founder, Pete Sena, told me “This is a place where it’s ok to fail” and he meant it. People make mistakes - that’s how you learn. And here at Digital Surgeons, we’re all about learning.

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