Inessa Davydova

Senior Designer

Inessa is a design & UX fiend, sporadic traveler, part-time insomniac, and hardcore smilie abuser. She geeks out on all things brain, vain, and delicious.

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Designing For Gumby

Expecting to read about bridging the designer-developer gap for a more beautiful web? Well, too bad because this is actually an article all about me… and my growing affinity for the Gumby Framework.

We’ve all been there. The trifecta of good, fast, and cheap is an impossible fantasy, but I’ve found the Gumby Framework to be a powerful leg up in every project so far, without hindering creativity. Keeping your mind, spirit, and code clear and intact by the end of your assignment isn’t guaranteed when you use the Gumby Framework, but it does save a heck of a lot of headache, especially in a time crunch. Like, when you have to ask a dev genius to tweak the global brand color to a different shade of red two hours before a midnight launch. Don’t tell anyone I told you, but the secret behind the almighty power of the framework is variables. To put it simply, they make for speedier builds and increase maintainability.

Alright, it’s party time. Let’s dive in to the details…

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The Rise in Mobile Video [Infographic]

Mobile video offers brands a new and interesting way to interact with it’s customers. It’s not about the platform, it’s about telling engaging stories and connecting with audiences.

We took all of that pesky research around the current state of mobile video and condensed it into a beautiful infographic. It’s our pleasure to present the Rise of Mobile Video Infographic.

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Web Design Efficiency & Productivity Pro Tips

We all have enough hindrances, internal and external, barricading us from creating inspiring experiences. Don’t let your tools be one more brick in that creative block. Remember that design is all about time. Why? Because you will never have enough. So start with some healthy design habits to give yourself the opportunity for a rich social life or time to work on that side project you’ve been dying to bring into fruition. Whatever the reason, don’t let present you disappoint future you. These off-the-clock experiences are essential to keeping you sane and continually creative.

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The Creative Process: Staying Inspired + Original

We consistently strive to be innovators, individuals, and creative thinkers, and yet we repeatedly find ourselves falling into a loop of re-creativity. Taking a step back to redefine creativity as innovative problem solving reveals it as a mere process: one that can be refined. As creative thinkers, staying fresh and getting inspired is the most difficult part of that process.

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Top 5 Social Media Campaigns of 2012


The fusion of technology, illusion, and connectivity inevitably sparks the interest of any audience. Last year, Intel partnered with illusionist David Blaine to leverage his shocking talents and create a live-streamed interactive performance piece controlled by the Ultrabook.

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