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Measured Direction #6: Practicing “Agile” Analytics

In this episode of the Measured Direction podcast, Tom and Jason discuss taking an “Agile” approach to analytics. They explore who takes on the risk in a stakeholder/team relationship, how process can mitigate this risk, and how process can be used to make work more efficient, more effective, and more satisfying.

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6 of the Best Digital Marketing and Analytics Podcasts

While it’s been years since podcasting could be considered a niche medium, it continues to surge in popularity. Fueled by the ubiquity of smartphones and the always-rising need for on-demand content, podcasting will only continue to grow as a platform that empowers content creators to directly reach and engage an audience. As avid listeners, we wanted to share some of our favorite digital marketing and analytics podcasts.

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Intern Diaries: Gina White

When I first pulled up to the historic, yet unprepossessing Trolley Depot at 1175 State Street, I had no idea the incredible people that lay inside that would change my summer (and fall and winter) in a fast paced, always-learning environment full of energy and bright faces.

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Think Like Mark Cuban: Why Experiential Is the Future of Your Advertising Spend

Virtual and digital technologies will continue to evolve and grow their presence within our lives, and as they do, savvy investors like Mark Cuban are anticipating a continued upswell in consumer appreciation of unplugged, real-life marketing efforts. The rise of music festivals and events is an indicator of our reawakened desire to connect with the world around us without an intermedium or digital barrier.

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