Dan Poulin

Senior Engineer

As Senior Developer, Dan Poulin fulfills the role of resident expert in the subjects of Git, Laravel and ExpressionEngine at Digital Surgeons.

Recent Articles

What do Beer Cans, Image Masks, and Angular JS have in common?

Recently our team worked on a really fun project for LEGO to create an in-browser poster builder. Functionally, it is a typical light image editor that allows you to compose images from a library of backgrounds and characters by placing, moving, rotating and scaling the characters on top of the background. Learn how we utilized a combination of SVG and CSS image masks to reduce file sizes for a scalable, rotatable image in a HTML5 and AngularJS application.

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Written by Senior Engineer

Sublime Text 2 Workflow & Packages

With the new year beginning all of us at Digital Surgeons are seeking ways to increase our personal efficiency and productivity. Part of that is learning to take full advantage of the tools available to us. We thought it would be worth it to share killer features of a program near and dear to many of our developer’s hearts — Sublime Text 2. We’ve selected a sampling of the features we find to be the most helpful and unique to the editor. But before we spill the beans on usage tips, we’ll take a short detour showing how we configure ST2 and some of the options that are available to you.

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