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Do You Dropbox? A Look at Cloud Storage

Pop. Lock. And drop it. Here at Digital Surgeons, we drop our working projects into the big (somewhat scary) virtual box. The Dropbox. We place an absurd amount of confidence in this hosting service - because it’s given us no reason not to. And we love it. It’s like an all-access meal plan in college. Or the fast pass at Disney. If you don’t use Dropbox, you’ve at least heard about cloud based file storage or use a similar service like GoogleDrive,, BitCasa or Hightail (formally YouSendIt). We have a business account with Dropbox, providing a good amount of space to access and share our files within - anytime, anywhere with anyone.

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EECI 2012 Conference Day Two

The Business of ExpressionEngine Brad Parscale Owner of Giles-Parscale and DevDemon Add-Ons. Summary: This question always returns, “how do I increase revenue in my business?” I will break down different models of producing increased revenue utilizing ExpressionEngine. From the moment you meet a client, you can start preparing them to be a residual income provider. I will give details on how to prevent ExpressioneEngine income opportunities from passing you by. Learn how to maximize your income from each client and provide a more holistic approach to your web business.

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