Aaron Sherrill

Interactive Director

Aaron Sherrill is a visual artist with a focus in human computer interaction. He specializes in idea creation involving technology as the foundation for facilitating bi-direction conversation. His knowledge of the interconnectedness of technology has lead him to invent solutions that improve complex and abstract systems. His professional skills are built upon his mastery of animation and game design. If it has power flowing through it, Aaron can make it do anything he wants.

Recent Articles

Designing Animations to Convert, Not Distract

The fundamentals of objective-based motion design, rooted in advances in neuroscience and behavior tracking, rely on the nonverbal cues that trigger action in a user’s personality. By better understanding how our brains are drawn to changes in context, we can design animations that allow users to navigate from context to context with less confusion — making it easier for them to reach their goal.

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Touchless Interfaces: A Digital Reality

First: Some Science

Information is an interesting thing. It is the glue that holds our reality together. Right now your mind is interpreting the flow of information that my mind has manifested as this article. The brain to brain link that is active was likely unrealized until just now. That’s reality for ya. Ignore the man behind the curtain.

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Animating a walk cycle with HTML 5 and canvas.

We’ve worked with Flash for a long time… Don’t worry this isn’t a Flash vs HTML article. We’d like to draw a comparison before we get started… In the early days of the internet, Flash designers could only get away with a few animations happening at the same time without seeing a dramatic drop in performance because of the lack of powerful computers at the time.

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