Dan Poulin

Senior Architect

Hey, I’m Dan

Dan Poulin is constantly striving to find new ways to understand and order the world around him. Having studied biochemistry and mathematics in university, a side job cemented his love for the art of programming and motivated a career shift. After 7 years at Digital Surgeons he leads the DevOps practices of the technology team, implementing tooling and supporting procedures that reduce errors and increase stability of every project undertaken. In addition, he is a skilled engineer in his own right, having architected many applications and transforming others from legacy and unreliable, to modern and stable. His impact is felt rather than seen. Besides those things he is also a father of two and a husband, an amatuer philosopher, a physics and math enthusiast, a sci-fi and fantasy reader, a linux geek, an ergonomics nut, a bicyclist, a swimmer, and a glutton for mediterranean food.