Five Elements of Design Thinking

When someone asks “what is design thinking,” they often get many different answers. Out of the many different design thinking frameworks, here are five concepts that hold true for the vast majority. When these five principles are combined, design thinking delivers business-changing innovation.


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How Design Thinking Helped Create the Light Bulb and Tesla

The design thinking process has been a playbook for innovation strategy for a long time. Even before design thinking was articulated as a well-defined process in the second half of the 20th century, its principles have produced remarkable inventions. From Thomas Edison to Tesla motors, human centered design has been the driving force behind innovations that have revolutionized businesses.

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Need Creativity to Grow? Try a Design Thinking Workshop

​Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving that can deliver value to any business. Though it takes time to get the design thinking process right, it’s a highly effective framework for generating innovation and creativity within an organization.

A design thinking workshop is an opportunity for a business to quickly learn and immerse itself in design thinking principles.

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Written by Founder

Why Account Based Selling is More about Digital Marketing than Sales

Account Based Selling is the easiest and fastest way to drive profitable sales growth and justify large investments in content, customer data, analytics, cloud solutions, and CRM platforms. The problem is that sales and marketing executives are struggling to pull it off. Account Based Selling has been proven to work on the biggest accounts. But it takes lots of human effort and elbow grease. The holy grail is to find ways to support high-touch Account Based Selling across hundreds of key accounts with less time, investment, and labor.

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Written by VP, Digital Transformation

People Over Process: How We Can Still Save Design Thinking

When done right, design thinking tears down barriers and existing ways of working that prevent businesses from arriving at their best solutions. But I don’t want to see companies with stifling cultures trying to bolt it on as a flavor of the month.

Design thinking can transform your organization for the better — please don’t ruin it.

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