What Steve Jobs Taught Us About Design Thinking

Whether or not Jobs called it design, he was an early proponent of what is now called design thinking. Under Jobs’ watch, Apple’s products, interfaces, and marketing were meticulously designed to first and foremost meet the needs and wants of the end-user. To the millions of Apple-loyal customers around the world, their products just feel right.

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Forge Your Design Thinking Toolkit

Businesses increasingly embrace design, but how exactly is it utilized? It can be daunting for those unfamiliar with design thinking to get going, but we’ve scoped out some great starting points we’d like to share with you. Here’s our strategy guide to forge your own design thinking toolkit.

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Why Organizational Design is the Key to Authentic Client Branding

Insights and market factors certainly shape how a brand strategy comes to life, but organizational design must be the foundation from which a brand is built. If the values of an organization don’t square with the values of their market-facing messages, consumers will tune out and their marketing efforts will be perceived as fraudulent.

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Written by Founder

Hilton Worldwide CMO: Tech Is Key To Superior Guest Experience

In this exclusive interview, Hilton CMO Geraldine Calpin, who sets the strategic marketing direction for Hilton’s 13 brands, provided insight into the evolution of the guest experience. She also talked about what it will take to outdo the expectations of demanding, digitally-connected customers in the future.

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Written by VP, Digital Transformation

The Web is Moving Offline: How Progressive Web Apps Help Users and Businesses

Every company is now a tech company. But your company’s website relies on the least reliable central point of failure to operate — the network. Network connections are fragile. Aside from obvious areas of low connectivity, a storm can wipe out electricity, or a cloud provider can shut down.The Web is moving offline, so optimize accordingly or risk leaving your users in the dark.

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