5 of our Favorite Design Thinking Academics

Big businesses, lean startups, and schools are using design thinking principles to help achieve their objectives. In the years ahead, we will see more research coming out of academia on how design thinking drives growth and innovation. These are five of our favorite design thinking academics.

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Disrupt or Be Disrupted: What Every CEO Needs to Know About Digital Transformation

The rapid adoption of digital technologies by customers and competitors is disrupting every industry and creating value at an accelerated pace. CEOs no longer have the luxury of time to manage secular decline of their core business, develop strategic plans, or pursue late adopter strategies. As a result, 97% of global businesses have initiated a digital transformation initiative of some form, ‘But very few CEOs are engaged as sponsors. And consequently most of these efforts fail to get results. This article explains why CEOs need to be more vested in digital transformation to succeed.

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Written by VP, Digital Transformation

Reimagining the Customer Experience

Our new research report, entitled “Reimagining the Customer Experience” delves into the six dimensions that leading marketers in the retail, travel, and hospitality industries are using to redefine the customer experience so they can differentiate their brands, enhance loyalty and drive top line growth.

It profiles how marketing leaders are using the principles of design thinking to incorporate physiological, physical, or environmental tools into their experience strategies in addition to leveraging digital, mobile, and social touch points to better engage customers.

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