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Whole Harmony // CASE STUDY

Delivering a Brand and Marketing Sprint for a High-Growth Health and Wellness Startup

When Whole Harmony, a health and wellness brand dedicated to plant medicine, first approached us, they were seeking a creative partner who could rapidly turn around marketing collateral for NY Now, an illustrious product and design trade show. Over the course of just a few weeks, we not only provided the Whole Harmony team with a one-of-a-kind digital trade show experience, but we also branded Tonic (their physical brick-and-mortar store), created a brand board for their marketing needs, and designed and developed a striking digital experience to support the launch of Tonic.

The Challenge

The most daunting challenge of this project was time. Given the important trade show right around the corner, it was absolutely necessary for us to kick this project off with the client in fast fashion. From there, we put together a small, custom, cross-functional team that could narrowly focus on Whole Harmony to ensure everything was done both rapidly and in-step with their brand.


In just a couple of weeks, we delivered a full suite of brand and marketing materials for the Whole Harmony team, in addition to fresh branding and a sleek digital experience for Tonic, their brick-and-mortar store. What this project proves is that regardless of timeline, a small, focused team here at Digital Surgeons can make a lot happen with a collaborative client partner like Whole Harmony.

Gearing Up for NY Now With a Digital Trade Show Experience and Marketing Collateral

In collaboration with the founders of Whole Harmony, our first task was to get the brand ready for the NY Now trade show. After an upfront working session with the founders, we did a deep-dive into the Whole Harmony brand, learning about their dedication to plant medicine, their passion for herbal tonics and remedies, and their superior products that had immense effects on the people who used them. All of this inspired our creation of a fully branded trade show experience, complete with innovative data capture via digital tablet, immersive digital content experiences, and an automated post-show email drip campaign.

Rapidly Branding Tonic, Whole Harmony's Brick-and-Mortar Store

The next step in our engagement was jumping into a brand sprint for Whole Harmony’s physical retail store, “Tonic.” Though attached to the Whole Harmony brand, this required our team to consider how to differentiate Tonic from its parent brand while also paying homage to it. What we ended up creating was a fresh, modern, and sleek visual identity that speaks to the plant-based inspiration of Tonic and Whole Harmony. Pairing the glyph of the hibiscus flower—which is a huge brand inspiration due to its healing properties—with the Tonic wordmark also gives the brand design flexibility and options to use one or the other (or both together) depending on the execution.

Creating a Brand Board With Marketing Materials to Help Tonic Get Up and Running

In laying the ground-work for the Tonic brand, we had to move fast. This part of the process was a real sprint, and logo, color, typography, and marketing collateral were all accomplished in under a week. The end result was a brand board we created for Tonic’s team, designed to help them create marketing materials and branded messaging on the fly. In fact, this is something that any high-growth startup with a small team needs in order to be successful. The brand communications are endless, and part of the challenge in securing your place in consumers’ hearts and minds as a reputable brand is consistency. This Tonic brand board provided a means for Whole Harmony’s team to maintain consistency in their look and feel, enabling them to improve awareness and stay relevant long after the grand opening of their store.

Designing and Developing the Tonic Digital Experience on a Tight Deadline

In preparation for Tonic’s grand opening, we quickly wireframed, designed, and developed a visually immersive and user-friendly digital experience. The key here was to ensure that the website visually reflected Tonic’s elevated brand while still maintaining accessibility and functionality that kept users feeling good throughout their time on the site. From a design standpoint, by pairing blacks, grays, and the red that represents the hibiscus flower with the emotive photography of Monique Sourinho, we successfully delivered an experience that spoke to the energy and emotion of the Tonic brand.


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