Where everyone's going next.

As a diverse group of innovative, forward obsessed thinkers and creators, Digital Surgeons partnered with Adobe Behance to launch a new branded event titled Think:FWD, which celebrates creativity, technology, and innovation across disciplines and industries.

Connecting creative influencers

In an effort to unite creative individuals and promote the growth of forward-thinking innovation, Think:FWD was designed to bring together great minds under one roof for an unforgettable event experience that sparks shared creative thinking and development. The popular event was open to amateurs and professionals, creative directors, writers, emerging designers, students, technologists, photographers, professors, sculptors, painters, illustrators, and all-around innovators.

Aaron LeMay

Digital Surgeons recruited the talent, expertise, and rare vision of famed Creative Director of En Masse Entertainment, Art Director of Halo and Destiny, and Creator of the Saints Row franchise, Aaron LeMay. He offered insights in behavioral change and multi-disciplinary creativity, as well as an exclusive peek inside the mind of one of the most influential thought leaders in the industry.


Experience is everything

Not only were guests invited to Think:FWD to share their work, ideas, and expertise, but also to explore exciting, custom-built interactive technologies and displays that merge the work of unique talents through a variety of never-before-seen, multisensory experiences that surprised and delighted guests throughout the event. 

The interactive cloud

In order to introduce a multi-sensory experience that would connect people together, the Digital Surgeons team made art tactile and interactive for the event by crafting a large geometric cloud structure. The Cloud experience connected a micro-controller to inputs, which when touched, control a variety of animated visuals. So whether the user is matching the beat of the music or just trying to make compelling visual displays, their tapping, banging, and slapping give a personal touch to the art.

think fwd cloud, design in room and on TV
Think Fwd Cloud, DS playing with it
Think Fwd Cloud design
DS playing with think fwd cloud, design in room and on TV
DS playing with think fwd cloud, design in room and on TV
change is the only constant
Think Fwd Cloud, DS playing with it
Think Fwd Cloud, DS playing with it


One of the many exciting interactive experiences of Think:FWD, FlyMusic allowed guests to join a mobile audio-video installation powered by Node.js that instantly turned any touchscreen device into a unique musical instrument, with everyone joining in to make live music together. Up to eight users could play in the digital band at any given moment while watching their music playback on a screen for the entire event to experience. 

flymusic - mobile audio experiment, photo of people using their phones on app
DS using flymusic

the future of leadership

Through the Adobe Behance Portfolio Review, the next generation of great designers, creatives, and leaders meet at Think:FWD to receive valuable one-on-one feedback on their portfolios from some of most sought-after creative professionals in the industry. These reviews were performed not only by traditional creative practitioners, but from a range of professionals, so as to help future leaders be more successful in driving strategic solutions for their companies. After-all, Think:FWD is about connecting great minds, and looking forward to a dynamic future.

creating the brand

Unifying communication, content, collateral, and visual exploration of experiences, the Digital Surgeons design team crafted a contemporary brand look & feel that inspires a look to the future.

Emphasizing both upward and forward motion, the dotted cube, a reference to both digital and print, design past and present, is depicted as moving so fast it begins to melt, nodding to the idea of breaking away from the past. And, the colors -- green, the color of growth and life, and blue, the color of fluidity and change -- highlight the need for every creative to be adaptable in order to grow.

Think Fwd Identity - creative night
Think Fwd Vinyl
Think Fwd Posters by Digital surgeons
Think Fwd Tshirts
Think Fwd Experience Signs - fly music, the interactive cloud, pixelsynth
Think Fwd Teaser

The game has changed

For years to come, Think:FWD will continue to be a highlight event that can't be missed, uniting partners & sponsors, forming bonds across creative and business industries, introducing next generations of talent, and celebrating innovative designed experiences. And, it will continue reinforcing the Behance vision of connecting creative minds while offering everyone a look behind the curtain to see what Digital Surgeons does, how they do it, and where they're going next.

everything starts with a conversation. doesn't it?