Packaging an Emerging CPG Brand for Growth & Innovation


Packaging an Emerging CPG Brand for Growth & Innovation

A Natural Solution

As a growing start-up entering a deeply crowded beauty market, ocean-inspired skin & hair care experts, The Seaweed Bath Co. turned to Digital Surgeons to guide them in making a splash with the crafting of a new insights-driven strategy and brand identity. The new partnership relied on Seaweed’s need for a full-service, one-stop partner as they looked to expand into new categories, launch innovations, and develop a go-to market strategy for placement at key retailers.

Emerging from a Sea of Sameness

New to the market, Seaweed faced distribution challenges and a limited national footprint, product lines that lacked a cohesive or compelling story, and consistent delays on a new innovation that was set to transform the business. However, while struggling to inspire shoppers and increase distribution, the product lines themselves and the upcoming innovation were truly revolutionary in both ingredients and benefits. So an updated visual identity and an authentic, timeless re-telling of their brand story were crafted to set them apart from the competition and emerge as dynamic leaders in the industry.

Additionally, their key audience was already highly targeted in the market and existed within a very specific demographic and psychographic. That’s why Digital Surgeons tapped into insights of the core group of loyalists, as well as the true, emotional, yet unarticulated needs of beauty care consumers, providing a proven opportunity to highlight the values of Seaweed’s ingredients -- a previously unknown natural resource for providing much-needed health benefits.

Market Growth By Design

With the objective of entering new, more premium markets and solidifying Seaweed’s positioning as it grew, the Digital Surgeons team helped unify the brand and launch a new line with a go-to-market plan and strategic framework. This allowed Seaweed to hit the ground running with a multi-channel plan that spanned digital, media, and in-store, and that tapped into the functional benefits of seaweed, as well as the emotional promise of confidence and youthful vibrance. By identifying existing gaps in Seaweed’s digital ecosystem, Digital Surgeons was able to create a plan for a streamlined path to purchase. This was based on hyper-targeted digital media, leveraging analytics, site and influencer marketing, and crafted messaging to ensure consumer experiences that inspired engagement and advocacy.

Experience is Everything

With new category product development targeting a more upscale and premium buyer, Digital Surgeons crafted a new visual identity that would encompass all products, existing and emerging, with a unified look & feel that could transcend price points and shopper personas. Inspired by consumer insights, ethnography, and trends in the market, this updated and modernized style was evolved from a beach vacation look & feel to a premium ocean-inspired story that instills a sense of confidence and well-being. The visual aesthetic is spa-like and minimal, with clean, open space, and natural typography. Models were developed to be more approachable and less “made up,” harnessing and invigorating the inner confidence of consumers. This created a visual unity at a brand level that is extensible as Seaweed further expands into new categories in the beauty market.

From this new design and implementation, Digital Surgeons worked directly with a variety of vendors throughout the process, from innovation to advocacy, including label and package solutions and the use of unique materials, like foils, to differentiate on shelves. This extensible visual identity on packaging and POS was then better able to support the Seaweed event, in-store, and sales experience for all shoppers, retailers, and distributors, delivering a unified look and feel throughout.

Driving Engagement and Conversion

Focused on a strategy of “learn, shop, buy, review, and share on your own terms,” Digital Surgeons built a new digital presence for Seaweed, inspiring users to become advocates for a brand that stood for something. Building a streamlined commerce experience and best-in-class user experience conventions, the team provided a complete redesign and re-architecture of Seaweed Bath Company's existing site, going above and beyond the traditional functionality and limitations for a truly effective end-to-end ecommerce experience. This beautiful, new mobile-first store design told the engaging story of Seaweed while still focusing on products and conversion and balancing a healthy mix of brand and product content

Additionally, the new build educated and optimized the brand team by allowing them to use it like a Content Management System, implementing advanced pages, analytics, and interactions that wouldn't otherwise be possible due to the limits of the existing platform.

the seaweed bath co homepage

The Beauty of Growth Hacking

Within the new site design, “optional cart technology” was utilized by Digital Surgeons to ensure Seaweed would retain sales on orders with disproportionate shipping costs. This was done by conditionally directing people to Amazon to save on shipping if their cart total was under Seaweed's free shipping price, ensuring Seaweed always capture sales internally while directing otherwise lost sales to Amazon for ensured purchase.

Let's Make a Splash Together