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Sandy Hook Promise // CASE STUDY

Keeping Children Safe In America's Schools.

Sandy Hook Promise

For us this wasn’t about redesigning and replatforming digital properties, it was about making our kids safer. By taking a stand against senseless gun violence in schools, Sandy Hook Promise represents the ability to transform tragedy into triumph. That’s no small thing, and we’re immensely proud to play even a small part. This isn’t a case study, it’s a love letter to all that they do and all that we’ve accomplished together.

The Challenge

Sandy Hook Promise was in need of new digital experiences to better enable support and immediately unite its teams, properties, and communities across the country around this powerful mission. However, with technical debt mounting, the team at Sandy Hook Promise was having difficulties managing and updating their digital experiences. The cause was great, but they still needed to make it easy to embrace the story, easy to then take action, and easy to see the impact created. And so they sought out Digital Surgeons, and together we set a simple goal: For the world to be able to go get discovery to donation in three clicks or less.


Within only a few months, two new digital properties were blueprinted, designed, and developed, better aligning user experience with the already well-established brand of Sandy Hook Promise. A restructured information architecture has made content more easily accessible, and the ability for users to offer support through volunteerism, donations, signups, and activism became just a click or two away. Together, we built an experience that could genuinely communicate the organization’s promise while building trust and advocacy around gun violence education, engaging storytelling, program information, and an easy-to-navigate mobile-first UX that drives further engagement around this moving cause.

Laying the groundwork with a cohesive digital site strategy.

Following a virtual workshop with the team at SHP, we outlined a comprehensive strategic approach to the new digital experience from persona touchpoint mapping, SEO research and recommendations, information architecture, and content direction, to creative direction and technical execution. Our digital blueprint laid the groundwork for a completely revamped experience fully optimized to meet the needs of it’s various audience segments and drive donations, and activism.

Sandy Hook Promise Sitemap

Designing an experience optimized for taking action.

Whether through donations, volunteering, taking the Sandy Hook Promise, or advocating for policy change, one of our primary objectives of the redesign was to drive supporters to get involved and take some form of action. In order to achieve this, we streamlined user pathways and relevant content throughout the site based on their 4 key user personas and made it incredibly easy to donate, volunteer or sign up for SHP programs no matter where a user was on the site.

Information about prevention programs was made much easier to find and navigate, and better use of storytelling, imagery and interaction design has increased engagement and time on site.

Sandy Hook Promise Website Screens

Updating and extending the brand with a new digital design system.

While Sandy Hook Promise had a well-established brand identity, its digital design system wasn’t as extensive as it could have been. We took the opportunity for a redesign to establish new rules for usage of various components and elements throughout the site, creating improved conventions for the usage of logo, color, photography, typography, and UI elements to create a scalable visual language that can grow and extend as the needs of the organization does.

This laid the groundwork for a component-driven approach that sped up both design and development in order to bring the experiences to market much faster.

Sandy Hook Promise Website Screens

Low code execution to accelerate time to market.

With the new shcool year quickly approaching, time was of the essence with this project. By using low-code solutions and platforms we were able to replatform to a more robust content management system and launch two, the Sandy Hook Foundation and their sister organization, the Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund, within half the time it would normally take to launch a single custom website build. All this while maintaining a bespoke look and feel that far beyond what is offered by templated solutions.

Sandy Hook Promise Website Screens
Sandy Hook Promise Testimonial Quote


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