A Made to Measure Digital Experience



A Made to Measure Digital Experience

Letting the Secret Out

For nearly a century, luxury menswear maker Samuelsohn was a retailer’s best kept secret. Their made-to-measure suit line was industry-revered, yet invisible as a consumer brand. With the rise of omni-channel commerce in fashion, Samuelsohn decided it was time to reposition their brand for a B2C market, and so they partnered with Digital Surgeons for a new, carefully-crafted digital experience.

Flexibility First

The seasonality of fashion requires brands to update their in-store retail experiences to reflect ever-changing products, looks, and collections. A digital experience is no different. Samuelsohn's site had to adapt to an always-changing catalogue and reflect the latest and greatest in product features.

A Fashion-Forward CMS

Developing a simple yet robust user experience within the content management system (CMS) was imperative both for the scalability of the website as well as the ease of use for the client. Our in-depth user experience process allowed us to craft a back end that enables easy changes and internationalization of content without significant development time.

Crafting a Better Experience

The flexibility of CraftCMS made it an easy choice for Samuelsohn’s site, allowing us to efficiently build a performant, internationalized, and mobile-first website that’s both visually striking and flexible. 

Digital surgeons Case Study Samuelsohn Craft Backend slider
Samuelsohn - the mini check jacket, live preview

Suit coat, trousers, and waistcoat (collection) shown in a circular relationship with a suit coat and trousers (look) and a suit coat (product).

Managed Relationships

The CMS implementation now allows for administrators to map relationships between collections, looks, and products for an easier shopping experience.

Outlines of boxes representing content as website panels being dragged and dropped into a new order.

Fit to Adapt

The new site build uses matrix fields and block types to allow Samuelsohn’s team to drag and drop panels, making sure the latest & greatest is always front and center.

Three rectangular image placeholder icons that get progressively smaller as they are duplicated to the right.

Designed for Ease

Image transforms were built, so that multiple versions of images don’t have to be uploaded. Instead, a single image is uploaded and the transform crops and sizes it appropriately.

Visual Design & UX

The fabric of every Samuelsohn suit is sourced from top European textile mills, and carefully chosen to account for regional differences — these suits aren’t designed to look good on a mannequin, they are handcrafted to perform. The level of care given to a Samuelsohn suit had to be reflected in their web experience.  

Digital surgeons Case Study Samuelsohn  - page design homepage
 Digital surgeons Case Study Samuelsohn design images
Digital surgeons Case Study Samuelsohn  - man in suit jacket
Digital surgeons Case Study Samuelsohn  - our heritage page design
Digital surgeons Case Study Samuelsohn  - store locator page

Video masthead with content block underneath and directed arrows to illustrate a user journey.

Best-in-Class UX

Clean, crisp, visual design meets video assets and subtle interactions to enhance a minimalist aesthetic and provide users a luxurious, high fashion experience.

Images and copy aligned with events on a vertical timeline.

A Re-Imagined Timeline

We replaced an antiquated horizontal timeline with a seamless scrolling experience that highlights key moments in the brand's history.

Array of different sized circles floating around a map pin icon.

More than a Locator

Since driving traffic to the store locator is the site’s primary measure for conversion, we designed a custom experience to maximize the effectiveness.

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