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Quick Base // CASE STUDY

Using Tech-Enabled Storytelling to Drive Lead and Demand Generation

B2B tech company Quick Base is a leading business app development platform that empowers businesses to solve problems in new ways – quickly, easily, and without programming skills. However, they struggled to convert new leads and provide a consistent brand experience for users. What they needed was a platform and a partner that could help them design demand. What they needed was Digital Surgeons.


Originally a static website that made updates and customizations difficult, the Quick Base team was looking for help introducing their new brand look & feel, improving user experience, and streamlining the Trial Registration experience to would generate more leads. Expertise in replatforming was also required — porting all of their content from their existing site to a flexible content managed experience that was a perfect fit for their large amounts of content and complex information architecture.


In collaboration, we improved their way of communicating with vendors, upgrading their project management tool, and defining standards for best ways-of-working that would provide the most efficient way for requesting and executing features. Together, we used technology and smarter storytelling to increase conversions by customizing experiences based on user personas. The project saw an overhaul of IA, UX, and visual identity — all based on continuous research and data, which provided key insights into what changes would garner optimal results.



Increase in Trial Registration Conversions

A co-creation led approach

To kick-off our partnership, we conducted a half-day, on-site immersion session, which included design thinking focused exercises to get to a shared understanding of the team’s broader business goals and objectives. Our findings ultimately informed our project plan and strategic approach moving forward into execution. Even though this was initially a project-based engagement, the success of our engagement led to a seamless transition into our Growth as a Service™ offering, where were able to deconstruct their existing model for success and offer a value-rich backlog of growth ideas and consultation to drive additional opportunities for conversion and lead generation.

Designing a system for a component based architecture

We developed a full digital component-based design system, which was created by designing for a variety of modules based on content types and needed functionality from the get-go. These could then be used as building blocks to develop new pages, templates, and sections of the site, thereby reducing the need for a dev component as the site scales in the future. Part of this design system also included a uniquely crafted set of 40+ UI elements and icons for the Quick Base brand – a much needed element based on their service offering and product to help visually reinforce abstract concepts of the platform.

Trial Registration User Flow UX/Research

To redesign the complete trial registration, we assessed user flow pathways based on key personas and used those insights to drive content. By understanding the user based on their journey, and then predicting their intent, functionality was included to dynamically modify new, contextually relevant messaging and calls-to-action in order to move users through the funnel and increase conversion.

Trial Registration User Flow Design

Studies show that not only are users more likely to convert when messaging is customized and contextually relevant, but they’re also more likely to return, recommend, and even spend more, viewing the brand more positively than one that uses the same messaging for all users. That’s why we overhauled the trial registration flow process — the source for new customers — allowing for customized messaging based on the user’s previous location.

A New Quick Base Experience

The unique experience and approach of Digital Surgeons allowed us to dive in quickly, instantly recognize, suggest, and make changes, as well as test and optimize to immediately see conversions and opportunities. This speed to growth was accelerated due to our team’s our deep understanding of Software as a Service. The result was a completely redesigned Quick Base experience — optimized for all screens — that consistently drives more leads based on their team’s ability to update and customize.


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