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Freshpet // CASE STUDY

Bringing Joy and Connection to Pet Parents Everywhere in 2020

Our relationship with Freshpet grows stronger every year, as we become more and more empathetic to their business and their audience. When a global pandemic hit, we knew everyone could use a laugh and some light-hearted cheer. To help alleviate some of the emotional weight on pet owners nationally, and to strengthen Freshpet’s position as a company who cares deeply, we proposed the idea of Greeting Paws: a collection of custom ecards for pet parents to send from their pet to their pet’s friends.

The Challenge

To put it frankly, we’ve been seeing each other a lot less, and spending less time with friends and loved ones. We do this to protect ourselves and those we love, but in doing so, we sacrifice some joy. We put ourselves in Freshpet’s shoes and asked, “What can we do to make these times brighter for pet parents everywhere?” The answer wasn’t a new product or a splashy marketing campaign —the answer was connection.

The Outcome

Digital Surgeons successfully launched Freshpet’s Greeting Paws experience, with a total of 28 artfully designed e-cards, polished and ready-to-send—each with their own unique message and artwork. Over 1400 people have sent cards from their pet to another within the first three months of the launch date. To date, the Greeting Paws experience has welcomed over 35,000 visitors, with an incredible bounce rate of only 3.6%. We think it’s safe to say that we helped spread some joy this year.



Page views in first 3 months of launch


Cards sent within first 3 months of launch


Bounce rate

Providing joy while heightening awareness.

When designing Greeting Paws, we focused on usability and joy. We knew that if we could create a delightful experience, we had the potential of brightening countless days in the lives of pet parents everywhere. Our thinking led us to the creation of a digital experience that hosts a gallery of e-cards for users to browse, write on, and send to their friends. We built the experience into the already existing freshpet.com domain to seamlessly fuse the experience to Freshpet’s site. This was a strategic decision that allowed for users who were new to Freshpet to easily navigate through freshpet.com to learn more about their brand after they’re done browsing cards.

Cards for a variety of life events and emotions.

After designing a solid user experience, it was time for the fun part: Designing Greeting Paws for a variety of occasions. Eclectic styles met with diverse art direction to make for a unique experience that caters to every user who visits the site. Whether someone is looking for a card for a specific holiday, or just looking for something to send “just because”, we covered all of our users needs with joyful custom artwork.

“It’s the smaller, more heartfelt and fun campaigns that add something special from the DS team. They took the time to understand both our brand but also who we are as a team and the message that we care about sharing. It isn’t just an agency relationship, we consider them a part of the team.”

Steve Elwell, Director of Digital Marketing

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