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Freshpet // CASE STUDY

Producing a podcast dedicated to the tales of pet parents.

For several years now, we’ve been enjoying a productive partnership with Freshpet, the world’s leading refrigerated pet food brand. What started as a few digital marketing initiatives and site optimizations soon evolved into our redesign of their entire digital experience, which is a true reimagination of what’s possible for pet food ecommerce. But following the site launch, we wanted to explore a fun way to extend the brand’s presence in the everyday lives of its loyalists, while simultaneously increasing brand awareness and reaching new consumers. We pitched the idea of the Freshpet podcast, and before we knew it, “Pet Parents, Oversharing”, a 7-episode podcast hosted by two hilarious comedians and pet parents, was a reality – and a hit amongst pet parents everywhere.


These days, everybody and every brand has a podcast. And because of this, the main challenge was to create a podcast good enough for people to actually want to listen. Knowing this, some of the earliest creative hurdles were figuring out what the mood and general theme of the Freshpet podcast should be. Together with Freshpet, our Content & Story team explored all different kinds of options, before deciding that this podcast would be most successful if it was driven by humor, with a few sentimental dog and cat moments sprinkled in, too. From there, the challenge became conceptualizing storylines for 7 different episodes that would appeal not only to Freshpet loyalists, but also to pet parents who were largely unfamiliar with the brand.


Supported by an early media and influencer campaign, the podcast reached everyone from die-hard Freshpet fans to new pet parents, sparking conversations with and about the brand on iTunes, blogs, and social media. The genuine, heartfelt, and entertaining qualities of the series earned it a 5/5 rating from listeners on Apple Podcasts and raving reviews from commenters, many of them just like this one: “OMG I love this. What a clever concept and way to show a love for our furry friends. Please keep up the amazing work on this. Can’t wait for the next episode.”



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