Empowering Business through Enterprise-Level Website Design and Branding


Empowering Business through Enterprise-Level Website Design and Branding

The Source for Growing Businesses

As a forward-thinking business and issue advocacy organization with a fragmented digital presence, the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) approached Digital Surgeons to overhaul and redefine their image and perception throughout the state. Despite years of proven service and thought leadership, CBIA was no longer being perceived as the great resource for driving change, so a new streamlined brand and experience was required to help them become the source and thought-starter for all business and government news, information, and growth in Connecticut.

Re-Energizing an Organization

Beginning with a discovery and working through Persona Development, Content Auditing, and Benchmarking, Digital Surgeons laid the groundwork and developed a strategy to build a high-performance, intuitive, and engaging new presence for CBIA. This new existence was bolstered by a full rebranding, featuring a refreshed visual identity, new logo, brand style guide, and voice & tone that would help CBIA appeal to businesses, leaders, and communities of all ages.

Fighting For Growth

Becoming a singular voice of business and economic development required that the Digital Surgeons team integrate CBIA’s varied sites, including news, B2B insurance, legislative resources, and workplace HR services, into a singular fully-responsive, mobile-first website with updated user experience, content organization, and look & feel. This development helped the brand offer a unified experience for championing change, shaping debate around economic competitiveness, and fighting for a better future for all.

Intuitive By Design

Using best-in-class User Experience Design tied with the qualitative and quantitative learnings gathered in the discovery phase, the website was optimized to provide visitors with ease of access, and clear paths to the content that mattered most to them, regardless of their device. With multiple personas and use-cases all catered to, the intuitive redesign paired with a refreshed brand and style guide made for a memorable website experience that resonated with members of the community, businesses, government stakeholders, and more.

Engaging a Community

Like any content hub, the new CBIA website not only required an intuitive user experience and groundbreaking SEO dashboard, but also the ability to encourage and inspire sharing. With social integrations embedded into key sections of the site, pinned share buttons, and a comment section on article pages, the new and improved CBIA.com facilitated engagement, conversation, and sharing for all members of the growing community.

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