Executive Operations Manager


Digital Surgeons is hiring! We’re looking for an Executive Operations Manager to support two high-level executives; our President and Founder/CCO. You’ll be challenged & inspired, and given the opportunity to level up your knowledge in the design, technology, and marketing space. This is an amazing opportunity for someone who wants to grow into a COO or Chief of Staff position. 

About you: 

You do more than check tasks off a to-do list; you anticipate potential problems and have an arsenal of solutions. When you don’t know the answer to something, you aren’t afraid to look it up, nudge a colleague or dig in. You take pride in delivering the highest quality work and finding efficiencies in your life. Your friends and family often  ask you  “How do you do it all?”  You run on adrenaline and your best ideas come when the pressure is on. For you, the status quo will not do, you are always striving for a better end result. You understand that life is not black and white and you are comfortable living in and contributing to the shades of gray. 

Primary responsibilities:

  • Responsible for meeting coordination, travel arrangements, event planning, and correspondence
  • Coordinate complex scheduling and calendar management, as well as content and flow of information to internal and external parties
  • Manage professional and personal scheduling for President & Founder (two people), including agendas, mail, email, phone calls, client engagement, and other company logistics
  • Provide administrative and office support, such as typing, dictation, spreadsheet creation, faxing, and maintenance of contacts database
  • Attend internal and external meetings, document discussion and action items
  • Proactively collect information for use in discussions, meetings, and projects, and prepare presentation materials
  • Provide support for a variety of different types and levels of the event – these include conferences, workshops, dinners, and seminars 
  • Deliver high-quality attention to detail to ensure data/information accuracy.
  • Proactively monitor the workflow; execute on items within scope and knowledge
  • Review and prioritize incoming communications, and reply directly to routine inquiries.
  • Prepare memos, reports, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Create and maintain various schedules in calendar
  • Maintain professionalism and strict confidentiality with all materials

Core Skills

  • Organizational skills and multi-tasking
  • Time management
  • Business communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Data entry, meeting notes. database management
  • People skills – personable yet tough
  • Persuasion
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making 
  • Discretion – Don’t spill the tea
  • Adaptability
  • Anticipation


  • Administrative Assistant and Support: 3+ years 
  • Experience working for entrepreneurs or start-ups is preferred
  • Experience  in marketing and innovation is a big plus
  • Excellent judgment, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills
  • Strong verbal and written skills to effectively communicate with different personalities
  • Successfully perform in high-stress, fast-paced environment
  • Accept changes with short notice and tolerate frequent interruptions
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding all matters


This is a full-time position, eligible for enrollment in the Company’s benefits program including medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance, and 401k. 

Salary Range

$80,000-$90,000 + DOE

Our Vision

To be a catalyst for new possibility and growth for brands, businesses and their teams.

Our Mission

To use creativity and curiosity to drive the world forward. 

Our Values

Our values guide all our decisions at DS – big or small

Be Curious: The world is constantly changing, and the more we ask, explore, wonder, understand, and ideate, the more we can accomplish. Curiosity helps us understand what’s happening today, so we can define what’s possible tomorrow for ourselves and for you.

Care Greatly: About our work. About our partners. About each other. We’re at our best when we care about designing demand, who we’re doing it for, and why we’re even doing it in the first place. By opening up our hearts, we create human connections that benefit everyone.

Adapt and Respond: Change is inevitable, and we know that those who welcome it and react effectively are the ones who succeed. That’s why we find not uncertainty but wonder & possibility in change. It’s a new opportunity to create, to collaborate, and to change our world for the better.

Simply Believe: There’s magic to be discovered through business, technology, and creativity. It’s in there, in us, and in you, but only if you believe in it. When you do, we can transform businesses and inspire people to engage with brands — even to fall in love with them

Legal Stuff

Digital Surgeons is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, marital status, veteran status, pregnancy, parental status, genetic information or characteristics or those of a family member, or any other basis protected by applicable law.