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Creative Marketing Coordinator

Creative Marketing Coordinator

We are looking for an equal parts project manager, visual thinker, and content creator who enjoys living in the area where ideas and execution intersect. Modern-day marketing is where concrete thinking meets the abstract in a human and relatable way. Digital Surgeons is looking for a creative marketing coordinator to join our team to help drive awareness for our unique business offering. At Digital Surgeons We Design Demand™. Said differently, we explore and create new ways for brands to reach, connect, and build relationships with their customers across digital channels.

About you:

You do more than check tasks off a to-do list; you anticipate potential problems and have an arsenal of solutions. When you don’t know the answer to something, you aren’t afraid to look it up, nudge a colleague or dig in. You take pride in delivering the highest quality work and finding efficiencies in your life. Your friends and family often ask you “How do you do it all?” You are run on adrenalin and your best ideas come when the pressure is on. For you, the status quo will not do, you are always striving for a better end result. You understand that life is not black and white and you are comfortable living in and contributing to the shades of gray. You love to read, write, and articulate your thoughts in well-planned presentations, articles, and emails.

What you’ll do:

  • Gain a deep understanding of Digital Surgeons’ and Founder’s vision, values, responsibilities and priorities
  • Oversee highly prioritized projects and programs, organize and gather information from various departments and meetings and report that information, along with their recommendations to the Founder
  • Develop presentations, speeches, and workshop materials and arrange and administer key meetings
  • Manage projects and timelines and ensure activities are streamlined and handled appropriately allowing the Founder to focus on business strategy and results
  • Assist the Founder in various ways depending on the shifting needs of the company and the Founder
  • Work very closely with the Founder and management team to better leverage existing contacts and develop those relationships
  • Identify opportunities, synthesize information, and connect the dots to internal resources in order to create amazing outcome
  • Keep up with industry trends by reading articles and white papers from industry thought leaders and regularly share this information with the Founder
  • Manage and maintain knowledge to connect and leverage relationships/networks, business tools, and information to increase effectiveness and efficiency

What you’ll bring:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Visual thinker
  • Familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite, Google Documents, and Apple Keynote
  • Ability to formulate clear and concise Executive “Messages” to internal and external audiences from complex topics
  • Emotionally stable and resilient - comfortable giving and taking direct feedback and constructive criticism
  • Ability to synthesize and retain information at a fast pace. A good memory is integral to your success.
  • Prior experience maintaining the strictest confidentiality while adhering to the highest levels of integrity
  • Technically savvy; only digital natives need apply
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