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Business Development Internship

Behind the glitz and glamour of our amazing client roster and deeper than the blood, sweat and pixels the team sheds to implement our ideas, beats the heart of our agency - the Business Development Department (“BDD”).

If you picture the agency as a racing team, the business development department is the race car and you’re in the pit organizing various data points to help make smarter decisions that will impact our chances of winning which is forming new relationships, mining and securing new opportunities and affecting growth in a positive way.

We’re looking for a smart, motivated intern to help us tap targeted potential clients through strategic outreach and marketing efforts. You will be doing research, on-the-fly thinking and earn yourself some experience with business development strategy, marketing and the operational essence of a cutting-edge digital agency.

We pride ourselves on our culture of constant learning, and you should come prepared not only to soak it all in, but also to meaningfully contribute to the BDD and to Digital Surgeons as a whole. A tight knit group, you’ll be working primarily within the BDD, and occasionally find yourself working with members of our design, development, and senior management teams.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Researching targeted industry trends
  • Identifying thought leaders within key verticals
  • Social media management
  • Participate in strategy and brainstorm meetings
  • Suggesting and drafting original Digital Surgeons content to educate, entertain, inspire and give valuable insights to our network/s
  • Assisting the BDD nurture leads including background reading on prospects; samples of all prospect literature and advertising; competitive advertising; competitive agency background; or other materials deemed necessary or helpful by BDD

About You:

You love to ask questions and learn the inner workings of things behind the scenes. You are organized and enjoy giving method to the madness. You can work independently but also play nicely with others. You’re ambitious, curious, hard-working and fun.


  • Rising college junior, senior, or graduate with undergraduate studies in business, marketing, communications, or other related field.
  • Excellent writing, grammar, and proofreading skills.
  • Experience with research online and in databases.
  • Prowess in social media and a keen interest in all things tech / social / creative.
  • You are a student of life.
  • People love you <3
  • Prior internship experience and extracurricular activities will be considered as a plus.

We love working here - we’re in a creative, industrial space where there’s always healthy snacks, fresh coffee and even fresher ideas. Ready to join? Let’s do this:

Review the questions below and choose at least one to answer. Send your response (or responses for you high achievers) along with your cover letter and resume to jaime.laufer[at]digitalsurgeons[dot]com. Also, if you have any books or articles you’ve recently read that have inspired you feel free to share.

Would you prefer to take a free, all-expenses paid trip, or be given a large sum of money to spend however you’d like? Why?

What have you found to be more educational - college courses or life experience? Why?

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

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