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Administrative Assistant & Events Coordinator

Administrative Assistant & Events Coordinator

Digital Surgeons is hiring! We’re looking for a administrative assistant & events coordinator to support our Founder and CEO. This is a chance to work with an entrepreneur, thought leader, and innovator. You’ll be challenged & inspired, and given the opportunity to level up your knowledge in the design, technology, and marketing space.

About you:

You do more than check tasks off a to-do list; you anticipate potential problems and have an arsenal of solutions. When you don’t know the answer to something, you aren’t afraid to look it up, nudge a colleague or dig in. You take pride in delivering the highest quality work and finding efficiencies in your life. Your friends and family often ask you “How do you do it all?” You are run on adrenaline and your best ideas come when the pressure is on. For you, the status quo will not do, you are always striving for a better end result. You understand that life is not black and white and you are comfortable living in and contributing to the shades of gray.

Primary responsibilities:


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