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Account Coordinator

Account Coordinator at Digital Surgeons

Digital Surgeons is looking for an Account Coordinator to help shape and deliver marketing related activities for our clients and company. Everything from preparing presentations to taking meeting minutes, this passionate junior marketer must be ready to do whatever it takes to drive growth for our clients and firm.

This role will offer an incredible growth path for anyone passionate about Marketing and setting up a future career at a Creative Agency. This role will report directly to our Group Account Director, which will provide a direct line to one of the Senior leaders in the company focused on Business Strategy, Creative Strategy and Client Services. The ultimate goal for this candidate will be to transition into an Account Manager or Creative Strategy role at Digital Surgeons.

We don’t expect that you know it all, but we do expect that you have the attitude to begin learning it all. At Digital Surgeons, we pride ourselves on our ability to leverage diversity in thought to innovate fresh solutions. Cross-functional, cross-disciplined, cross-whatever you want to call it, we creatively solve problems for our clients. Think Management consultancy meets design firm meets creative think tank. Projects range from standard marketing deliverables like websites and re-brands to full-fledged business model reimaginations.

For a junior person with an interest in marketing, communications, or advertising, this is a great chance to work side by side with agency leadership to craft better brand experiences.


  • Free up account and creative leadership from day-to-day transactional tasks. You’ll need to correspond with clients and production teams, set up key meetings, capture notes, gather materials, keep track of action items, etc. Anything that will allow us to spend more time focused on solving big picture problems for our clients and firm.
  • Support our clients. Since you’ll directly report to our Group Account Director, you will have direct communication with our clients to expedite project delivery and increase client satisfaction.
  • Support our internal marketing initiatives. Don’t let us be the proverbial shoemaker wearing terrible shoes. You’ll help our executive team advance their thought leadership to attract clients that want to do the kind of work our teams dream of doing.

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Highly organized. Someone who keeps lists to remind themselves about other lists.
  • Able to prioritize and juggle numerous projects at a time. We move fast. Really fast.
  • A great writer. Whether it’s an email to a client, a blog post on our site, or a tweet, we need someone who foregoes jargon in favor of efficient, human communication.
  • Dynamic. A strong personality is a must as you’ll need to hold the attention of our clients to verbally communicate business solutions.
  • A Powerpoint or Keynote guru. We make decks on decks on decks. (We use Keynote but it matters more that you know what makes a great slide).
  • Creative at problem solving and can source solutions from wherever they may hide.
  • Up on the latest trends. We spend day after day exploring how the latest in creativity, business, and technology affects our society and culture.

You shouldn’t be someone who:

  • Has a sense of entitlement.
  • Who is uncomfortable with change.
  • Is above administrative tasks.
  • Wants a finite job description and a consistent workday.
  • Is not eager to learn and takes a pessimistic approach to life
  • Whose ego is not in check
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